Fertilizer Dispenser / Backpack Applicator - Fertil Dispenser

The Granular Fertilizer Dispenser is the best fertilizer applicator for tree nurseries, container plants, fruit and vegetable growing and flowering plants and shrubs.
This backpack can carry 5 US Gallons (20 litres) and has a calibrated dispenser.

This backpack can carry 5 US Gallons (20 litres) and has a calibrated dispenser.

  • Backpack Granular Applicator
  • Replacement Lid for Sarritor Dispenser
  • Sarritor Flick Stick Retro


The Fertil Dispenser is a patented, revolutionary backpack applicator used to manually distribute fertilizers. It is the most productive of all of the granular herbicide applicators and pot-to-pot fertilizer applicators.

Say goodbye to fertilizing containers by hand. The Fertil Dispenser is capable of fertilizing up to 1500 containers an hour, making it much faster and more effective that fertilizing containers by hand.

The Backpack Dispenser Gravity feeds granular fertilizers (such as Cassaron) or other granular products to a hand held control wand. The product sits waiting at the tip of the dispensing wand. As the thumb trigger is activated, the product drops to the target without delay. The dispenser wand can be calibrated for exact amounts with each pull of the trigger, able to administer small quantities of product for spot treatment applications. The metered head at the end of the wand adjusts from 2 to 25 grams and dispenses using a thumb controlled lever.

The Fertil Dispenser allows a single operator to fertilize up to 1500 plants per hour and apply approximately 2-25 grams per dose. Can be used with granular fertilizers, granular herbicides, or powdered insecticides.

An all mechanical operation ensures there are no costly electronic parts that can go bad and fail.


  • Dispenser Capacity: 5 US gallons (20 litres / 20 quarts)
  • Metered head adjusts application rates from 2 to 25 grams
  • Easy to operate
  • Provides accurate and uniform application with consistent dosage, resulting in improved crop quality and reduced application costs
  • Fertilizes up to 1500 containers per hour
  • Perfect for fertilizing container plants and in-ground trees and shrubs
  • Comfortable padded adjustable shoulder harness straps
  • Plastic and stainless steel construction
  • All mechanical operation means no costly electronic parts that fail or go bad
  • 3' of dispenser hose included, so operator can cut length best suited to height
  • Ergonomically molded to fit comfortably on your back and shoulders
  • Empty weight is 3.1 KG or 7 lbs

Fields of Application - this device is the proven solution for:

  • Forestry
  • Plant and Tree production (in container or open soil)
  • Garden Centers
  • Fruit and Vegetable growing
  • Public Green Areas
  • Ornamental Plants

The Flick Stick Retrofit Applicator can be added as an alternative to the thumb control applicator. This will reduce fatigue caused by the thumb control. Switching between the standard thumb control wand and the Retro Flick Stick can help reduce fatigue.

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