Pinnups Plant Supports / Plant Stakes

Pinnup Plant Support system, it grows with your plant. All of the pinnups are interchangeable, providing a comprehensive range of support to meet any individual plants needs. Decorative Plant Pinnup Toppers are now available, giving a personal flair on your plant support stake.
50" Standard Plant Stake Pinnup Model # 9103.

50" Standard Plant Stake Pinnup Model # 9103.

  • 16" Central Support Ring Pinnups
  • Pinnups Mini Twiggy Scalloped 22"
  • Pinnups Finch Stake Topper
  • 20" Support Grid Circle
  • 2" Ring Pinnups
  • Support Ring Circle 8"
  • 12" Central Support Ring Pinnups
  • Twiggy Garden Stake 40"
  • Pinnups Small Robin Stake Topper
  • 16" Support Grid Circle
  • 50" Standard Stake Pinnups
  • 6" Ring Pinnups
  • 18" 1/2 Circle Pinnups
  • Pinnups Chick-A-Dee Stake Topper
  • Pinnups Green Name Boards 4 Pack
  • 24" Support Grid Circle
  • 4" Ring Pinnups
  • Support Circle 13"


The Pinnups Plant Support system was designed in Europe and grows with your plant. All of the Pinnups are interchangeable, providing a comprehensive range of support to meet any individual plant's needs.

Each Pinnup support stake is provided with a Bakelite safety knob to prevent injury in the garden and to make the stakes easier to push into the ground. The support stakes are safe not only for the gardener but the plants as well. The Pinnups Plant Support Stakes are pushed into the ground at the side of the plant, which prevents damage to the plants vital root system. The acrylic Pinnup Stake Toppers will fit on all of the Large Bakelite Safety Knobs. So, you can add to existing or move the stakes around the garden. The Stake Toppers will also fit on the large Bakelite Safety Knob on the Twiggy Garden Stake as well. The acrylic Stake Toppers are available in Small Robin, Chick-a-Dee, Finch, Green Artichoke, and Bronze Owl.

All of the Pinnup Support Stakes and rings are manufactured from high-grade galvanized steel with an attractive dark green coating. The support stakes have a durable extruded coating and the rings and grids are powder coated. The product is designed to last for many years so that gardeners can add new supports whenever they need to. One Support Stake can be used to support up to three plants by adding extra rings. This makes the Pinnups Plant Supports very economical to use in comparison with other plant supports.

It is the only plant support system that grows with the plant. The unique sliding couplers allows the support rings to be raised as the plant grows. As the plant grows larger, bigger rings up to 15" can be attached allowing the support to grow out with the plant. For very large plants, additional stakes and half rings can be used to provide the necessary support.

  • When ordering, be sure to check that the size of the ring and length of stake will suit your needs.
  • Each stake includes one Standard Coupler for mounting one ring.
  • Each standard coupler slides up and down the stake, allowing you to adjust the height throughout the growing seasons.
  • The Circular Grids are excellent for peonies, hostas, ornamental grasses and other unruly garden and container plants. The grids in each size of grid are about 4" square.

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