17.5" - 17.9" Blades for Exmark

These Stens 17.5 inch - 17.9 inch Replacement Blades are built with precision and heat treated for durability for Exmark Mowers.
Stens 355-411 Notched Hi-Lift Blade.

Stens 355-411 Notched Hi-Lift Blade.

  • Hi-Lift Notched Blade
    CAD $27.80


These blades are precision balanced and heat treated for durability.

We carry different types of blades to choose from including toothed blades, mulching blades, and rolled air-lift blades.

Toothed and mulching blades achieve smaller clippings for quick decomposition and a more manicured look.

A rolled air-lift blade lifts grass blades up for a cleaner cut and propels clippings up to be sucked into a mower bag easily.

The Silver Streak HiLift Toothed blade are made 25% thicker than most other toothed blades and has 40% higher lift. They have more surface areas to cut grass and leaves and have more sharpening area resulting in longer blade life.

To measure your lawnmower blade:
1) Measure the blade diagonally from cutting tip to cutting tip. For mulching blades measure on the back to ensure straight lines.
2) Measure the width at the widest part of the blade
3) Measure the center hole
4) Measure the center to center distance between the outer holes
5) Refer to our chart below to choose your blade accordingly

Part # Replaces Exmark OEM Blade Type Length Center
Width Thickness Fits/Notes
355-411 103-9598 / 103-9598-S / 103-9600 /
103-9600-S / 103-9601 / 103-9601-S /
103-9605 / 103-9605-S / 103-9615 /
103-9615-S / 109-6461 / 109-6461-S /
109-9391-S / 116-5497-S
17 1/2" 15/16" 3" 0.203" Lazer Z HP (serial # 600,000 and higher);
Requires 3 for 50" deck

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