Animal / Bird Scare Ribbon

Bird / Animal Repeller Ribbon creates visual and sound discomfort.

Works well in the vegetable garden.

Works well in the vegetable garden.

  • Irritape Scare Ribbon
    CAD $58.11


The Bird and Animal Repeller Scare Ribbon is a holographic tape which has both a visual and sound effect that repels birds, deer and geese. The 100' of holographic tape/ribbon comes with 8 mounting brackets and a full set of installation instructions. The instructions include the methods to use it as a tree wrap, Maypole and as streamers.

Even in the slightest breeze the Irri-tape/Ribbon will make a hostile rattle sound. The light is reflected from the Irri-Tape/Ribbon in a ripple pattern that is both three dimensional and highly chromatic. This flash and rattle is very disturbing to birds.

The 100' roll of Bird and Animal Repeller Scare Ribbon can be easily attached to balcony railings, trees, garden stakes, etc.

  • Attacks Multiple Senses: combination of sight and sound increases effectiveness.
  • Constantly Works: repels birds day and night.
  • Low-Maintenance: one-time install.
  • Long-Lasting: retains effective properties for years.
  • Visual Scare: birds are scared by the sight of iridescent material.
  • Installs Easily: simply nail, screw, tape, hang, or use included mounting brackets.

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