Brick and Paver Chisel

Bon Tool Chisel, brick and paver bolster with protective grip.
Protective Grip Brick and Paver Chisel.

Protective Grip Brick and Paver Chisel.

  • Brick/Paver Bolster Chisel 3"
    CAD $22.58
  • Bon Tool Brick/Paver Bolster Chisel 4" Wide
    CAD $40.00


Protective Grip Brick Bolster.

Perfect for cutting paving stones or bricks in half. The plastic grip provides excellent gripping ability and also incorporates a shield to protect your hands. This tool comes in 2 sizes, a 3" wide and a 4" wide. The total length for both Bolsters is 9".

These masonry chisels are also called a bolster chisel. They are different from a regular chisel because they are usually heavier and have a relatively dull head, which is what is required to cut bricks, paving stones or landscaping stones.

Use with a heavy hammer to make quick work.

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