Entry De-Icing Starter Kit

A chloride-free de-icing starter kit to protect against slips and falls in front entrances of buildings, homes, offices, etc., while eliminating all the costs and adverse effects that tracking granular salts has on high-value flooring in entryways, our pets, and the environment. No more tracking salt indoors!
Protect front entrances of homes or buildings from ice and snow and eliminate the harsh effects that tracking salt in entryways has on high-value flooring like hardwood, marble, granite, etc.

Protect front entrances of homes or buildings from ice and snow and eliminate the harsh effects that tracking salt in entryways has on high-value flooring like hardwood, marble, granite, etc.

  • Entry De-Icing Starter Kit
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Prepare yourself this winter by making front entrances of buildings, homes, campuses, offices, etc. slip-free zones, while eliminating the damage that tracking granular salts in entryways has on high-value flooring with this Entry De-Icing Starter Kit.

The Entry De-Icing Starter Kit includes the following items:

  • 2 x Entry Chloride-Free Liquid De-Icing Containers - 9.45 Litres (2.5 US Gallons) each
  • 1 x Chapin 26021XP ProSeries Sprayer - 7.6 Litre (2 US Gallon) capacity
  • 1 x TeeJet TP8004EVS Visiflo Even Flat Fan Spray Nozzle

Entry is a revolutionary chloride-free, non-toxic, anti-icing fluid that melts thin layers of ice and snow almost instantly without the worries of tracking chloride salt indoors. Tracking salt indoors is the main problem property owners / managers and other people taking care of properties have, since it damages high-value flooring, such as marble, granite, tile, and hardwood floors. Tracking salt indoors also has an adverse effect on our pets and the environment and is extremely costly to clean up.

Entry is a clear de-icing liquid that is derived from the same de-icing agents that are used for de-icing airplanes. Since it does not contain any damaging chlorides or urea, it is the safer choice for our homes, pets, plants, and environment compared to granular chlorides. Granular chlorides damage expensive flooring, corrode metals, kill turf, enter our storm sewers and waterways, and are dangerous for our pets because they can burn paws and are a hazard if swallowed. You won't have to worry about any of this when using Entry, the safest environmental de-icing liquid on the market today.

Cleaning granular chloride salts in entryways is also a costly task. Whether it's a home, building, office, or university, time and money is being spent on cleaning crews to remove these chloride salts in entryways. If a vacuum is used to clean up the salt, the motor may become damaged, resulting in costly repairs. Since Entry is chloride-free, you won't have to worry about any of these costs.

Effective in temperatures of -29° C, Entry works in as little as 30 seconds, much faster than granular chloride salts. The clear liquid penetrates thin layers of snow and ice on contact for pre and post treatment, protecting against slips, refreezing, and black ice formation. It is designed to be used within the first 4.5 m (15') of an entrance, which is where the highest concentrations of granular salts are used and where most slipping incidents occur. This area is referred to as the "danger zone."

Application Rates: The best application method is to first shovel and remove as much snow as possible, apply Entry, shovel again, and apply Entry a second time. Apply at a minimum rate of 3 litres per 93 square meters (3/4 Gallon per 1000 square feet). If temperatures are below -17° C, apply 4 litres per 93 square meters (1 US gallon per 1000 square foot). Common areas where Entry is applied include concrete stairs, wheelchair ramps, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, and many other areas within the first 4.5 m of a home, building, office, and campus entrance.

NOTE: Do not use Entry if the ice and snow is more than 1/8" thick. Adding Entry with salt brine will make it a de-icer and an ice melter together. A salt brine enhancer / salt brine promoter.

Entry is best used with a sprayer that uses a vertical fan tip nozzle, which is why we are bundling it with the Chapin 26021XP ProSeries Sprayer and the TeeJet TP8004EVS Even Flat Fan Spray Nozzle. The Chapin sprayer has a 2 US gallon tank capacity, perfect for light-duty de-icing applications within the first 4.5 m of an entrance. The TeeJet nozzle provides uniform distribution throughout its even flat fan spray pattern.


  • Entry does not contain chloride, meaning no more tracking salt indoors
  • Protects against refreezing and black ice formation
  • Recommended Standard Application Rate: 3 Litres per 93 square meters (3/4 US Gallon per 1000 square feet)
  • Melts ice and snow in temperatures as low as -52° C (-63° F)
  • Prevents re-freezing in temperatures below -17° C (0° F)
  • Effective Temperature: -29° C (-20° F)
  • Requires fewer re-applications compared to chloride-based products
  • Does not need to be mixed with water (ready-to-use formulation requires no dilution)
  • Neutral pH of 7.3 - 7.8

Under the 'Video' tab you will find some informative videos pertaining to the use of Entry and how it works.

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