Aluminum Bench Plates for Reel Mowers

Precision ground aluminum bench plates for setting your golf course reel mower's rear rollers parallel with the reel.
Two sizes available: 18" x 24" or 20" x 36".

Two sizes available: 18" x 24" or 20" x 36".

  • Bench Plate Aluminum 20" x 36"
    CAD $896.97
  • Bench Plate Aluminum 18" x 24"
    CAD $648.50


An excellent accessory for golf course reel mowers, these Aluminum Bench Plates are useful utility surface plates that come with an attached parallel bar for setting your mower's rear rollers parallel with the reel.

These precision ground aluminum plates permit you to level and parallel a cutting unit so the rollers and the cutting edge can be on the same plain. If they are not parallel when you make passes with the mower, you will be producing a discrepancy. If two cutting units side-by-side have a discrepancy, you can easily have a surface that will effect ball movement. The easiest way to determine if cutting unit rollers are not parallel is if you roll a cutting unit onto concrete and notice they rock. Keep in mind the lower you cut, the more important it is.

Aluminum Bench Plate Model 006-A:

  • Measures 20" x 36" (50 cm x 91 cm)
  • Ideal for reel mowers of all sizes, including large fairway mowers
  • Includes an attached parallel measuring 3/8" (9.5 mm) thick
  • Flatness tolerance of 0.004" (0.101 mm)

Aluminum Bench Plate Model 006-B:

  • Measures 18" x 24" (45 cm x 61 cm)
  • Ideal for all reel riding mowers and walking putting green mowers
  • Mowers up to 26" (66 cm) wide can be adjusted
  • Includes an attached parallel bar measuring 5/16" (8 mm) thick
  • Flatness tolerance of 0.003" (0.076 mm)

How to use: Set the reel on top of the parallel bar and set the bedknife against the edge of the parallel. Hold the mower in place. With a feeler gauge, check the rear roller at each end. If the feeler gauge slips at one end, adjust per owner's manual.


  • Material: Aluminum with Dura-Coat hardened finish
  • Parallels can be stacked to increase thickness

Click here for the Bench Plate Instructions.

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