Entry Chloride-Free Liquid Ice Melt / De-Icing Fluid

A chloride-free de-icing fluid used in the first 4.5 m (15') of an entrance to melt thin layers of ice and snow faster than granular products. Eliminates tracking salt in entryways, protects against refreezing and black ice, and much safer for pets and the environment compared to granular salts.
9.45 Litre (2.5 US Gallon) Container.

9.45 Litre (2.5 US Gallon) Container.

  • 9.45L (2.5 Gallon) IceMelter for Entry Ice Melt Solution
    CAD $129.50
  • 205L (55 Gallon) IceMelter for Entry Ice Melt Solution
    CAD $1,927.97
  • 1050L (275 Gallon) IceMelter for Entry Ice Melt Solution
    CAD $8,412.96


Eliminate environmental issues with granular snow and ice melting products containing chloride salts and other harmful chemicals by substituting with Entry™ Chloride-Free Liquid De-Icing Fluid, a non-toxic anti-icing fluid that quickly melts thin layers of snow and ice in as little as 30 seconds.

The three main benefits of using Entry™ Liquid De-Icing Fluid are:

  1. It eliminates granular tracking indoors, as it does not contain salt. Granular salts can be tracked in entryways, causing damage to high-value space entrances like expensive hardwood or granite flooring, metal rails, etc. as well as being harmful to pets. Indoor tracking is the number one issue that property owners / managers and people taking care of properties have.
  2. It is safer, faster, and more effective than granulars, capable of melting thin layers of snow and ice instantly to keep entrances safe and clean, while extending the time between your next spray considerably compared to granulars.
  3. It is cost-effective because cleaners are not spending money and countless hours removing salt. Cleaning and removing granular tracking indoors is an expensive endeavor. For example, using a vacuum to clean salt can cause damage to the vacuum motor, resulting in costly repairs.

What is Entry™?

A non-toxic liquid de-icing / anti-icing fluid designed to melt thin layers of snow and ice. It is free of chloride, salt, and urea, providing a much safer alternative for the environment to melt ice and snow. The fast-acting, 100% chloride-free Entry™ can melt snow and ice in as little as 30 seconds, up to 20 times faster than granular de-icers. The clear liquid formula quickly penetrates ice and snow on contact for pre and post treatment on concrete, sidewalks, driveways, walkways, wheelchair ramps, and other outdoor surfaces, quickly creating safer surfaces that protect against slips, refreezing, and black ice. It outperforms traditional granular chloride salts at no additional cost, saving time and reducing maintenance / clean ups costs associated with tracking chloride, salt, and urea products indoors.

The intention of Entry™ was to develop a highly effective deicer that would eliminate the environmental issues caused by chlorides, as well as the indoor maintenance and clean up caused by granular tracking. Whether it's a home, office building, high rise building, university, dentist office, or corporate campus, Entry's residue-free and chloride-free liquid formulation puts a stop to the hassle and harm caused by granular chloride salts. The residue-free formulation eliminates the mess and expense of cleaning up ice melt materials inside homes and buildings, eliminates abrasive effects that granular ice melt products have on flooring surfaces, and provides neutral pH to reduce the risk of damaging high-value flooring surfaces like hardwood, granite, marble, and tile.

What is Entry™ made of?

A blend of inhibited potassium formate and a proprietary adjuvant formulation to optimize every spray droplet into a shape that's capable of breaking through ice lattice. It is derived from the same de-icing agents used for de-icing airplanes.

How does Entry™ work?

By breaking the hydrogen bridges that are formed when water freezes and breaking down ice molecules. It lowers the freezing point of water to a temperature of -52° C (-63° F), quickly removing thin layers of ice and preventing new snow and ice from accumulating, making Entry™ an excellent product to use to prevent refreezing and black ice formation. It works best when it is cold (below 0° C) on dry snow.

Do NOT use on ice or a snowpack that is greater than 3.2 mm (1/8") thick. If the snow and ice needing to be melted is thicker than a piece of cardboard, it is recommended to use a granular product. Do NOT use in wet snow and in blowing snow / blizzard conditions.

Application Rates for Entry™:

Before application, remove as much snow and ice as possible. Entry™ can be used to pre-treat but since its design is to break through ice lattice, its performance as a pre-treat de-icer will compare with but not exceed other pre-treatment alternatives. The best application method is to shovel snow, spray, shovel snow again, and spray again.

Post Treatment: Apply at a minimum rate of 3 Litres per 93 square meters (3/4 US gallons per 1000 square feet). If temperatures are below -17° C (0° F), increase to a rate of 4 Litres per 93 square meters (1 US gallon per 1000 square foot) and allow 1-2 minutes to work. Spot treat any areas that were not melted or mechanically removed. It provides a lower cost per application compared to granular products. Granular salts have limitations, as some cannot prevent refreezing, resulting in multiple re-applications over and over.

Pre-Treatment: Entry™ is recommended to use as a post treatment; however, pre-treatment is only recommended if temperatures are below -17° C (0° F). It may be applied up to 6 hours before frozen precipitation begins falling. Treat surface area completely to assist in preventing adhesion and accumulation of snow and ice. Apply at a minimum rate of 3 Litres per 93 square meters (3/4 US gallons per 1000 square feet).

Where to use Entry™?

On outdoor surfaces in residential and commercial areas (concrete stairs, sidewalks, driveways, walkways, pathways, wheelchair ramps, and other outdoor surfaces). In areas where there are high-value space entrances (banks, buildings, etc) where you do not want to track salt indoors.

Entry™ was designed to be used within the first 4.5 m (15') from a building entrance, which is where the highest concentrations of chlorides are used compared to other areas on the property. The majority of the run off from these areas closest to the building are typically flowing directly into storm sewer controls that lead to our waterways and there is nothing to buffer the chloride run off. This 4.5 m area is also where 95% of granular ice melt tracking coming into buildings originates from. Entry™ virtually eliminates granular tracking when used in this area, formulating to a neutral pH so any tracking that results would be similar to what you would expect from a September rainfall, not a February snowstorm. The majority of slipping accidents occur in this 4.5 m area and since Entry™ takes less time to work compared to granular chlorides, it will result in fewer slips and falls.

Why use Entry™?

It is much safer and more effective than granular chlorides. Chlorides cause environmental issues, kill turf and ornamentals, corrode metals, and are not pet friendly. Entry™ provides an increased level of safety for you and the environment compared to granular chloride salts: Safer for pets, plants, grass, concrete, floors, metals, and sidewalks.

  • Safer for pets: chloride burns paws and is harmful if swallowed. Entry™ is the safer choice for pets and their health.
  • Safer for homes: Entry™ is residue-free, so it won't track inside unlike rock salt or other granular chlorides. Safer for metal railings and doors.
  • Safer for plants: saves lawns, turf, trees, shrubs, and ornamental plantings from chloride-induced dehydration. No more dead patches.
  • Safer for the environment: the readily biodegradable potassium formate does not contain chlorides that cause chloride pollution and damage to ecosystems. Since there is no chloride or urea, it cannot be washed up in waterways, resulting in no oxygen cutoff. This helps preserve fish and aquatic plants.

NOTE: Adding Entry with salt brine will make it a de-icer and an ice melter together. A salt brine enhancer / salt brine promoter.


  • Eliminates granular tracking indoors
  • Prevents refreezing and black ice formation
  • Recommended Standard Application Rate: 3 Litres per 93 square meters (3/4 Gallon per 1000 square feet)
  • Melts ice and snow in temperatures as low as -52° C (-63° F)
  • Prevents re-freezing in temperatures below -17° C (0° F)
  • Effective Temperature: -29° C (-20° F)
  • Can be used with any sprayer (best applied with vertical fan tip nozzle)
  • Does not need to be mixed with water (ready-to-use formulation requires no dilution)
  • Entry is clear and tracks exactly like water does
  • Requires fewer re-applications compared to chloride-based products
  • pH: 7.3 - 7.8
  • Best environmental liquid de-icing fluid on the market
  • Made in the USA

There are also helpful videos under the 'Video' tab if you wish to see this chloride-free liquid de-icer in action.

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