Crab Arrest - Granular Crabgrass Control - 20 Kg

A granular weed killer that inhibits the germination of weed seeds in crabgrass and dandelions. For domestic use only.

For pre-emergent applications to prevent the formation of large crabgrass and dandelions on residential lawns.

For pre-emergent applications to prevent the formation of large crabgrass and dandelions on residential lawns.

  • Crab Arrest - 20 KG
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Prevent the formation of large crabgrass and dandelions before they grow at the start of spring with Crab Arrest.

With its special formulation and new corn gluten blend (95%), Crab Arrest inhibits the germination of weed seeds, preventing large crabgrass and dandelions from appearing in lawns. The inhibitory effect on the germination of weed seeds can last up to 5 weeks, ensuring your turf has more time to thicken up before summer stresses emerge.

This pre-emergent, multi-protein based crabgrass inhibitor provides improved results for crabgrass suppression, much greater than other corn gluten products offered on the market. Crab Arrest contains at least 9% nitrogen that is derived from an organic source and is protein fortified to enhance efficacy.

Domestically, Crab Arrest is used on residential lawns where established perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass are predominant.

Method of Application:

  • For best results, apply to established lawns twice a year: once in the early spring 2 weeks before weed seed germination and once in the late summer or early fall after heat stress has passed.
  • Measure the area you will be applying Crab Arrest by taking the length and multiplying it by the width of the total area in meters. One normal step is approximately one meter. Measure the size of any buildings or driveways in the same manner and subtract this amount from the total area. The remaining total will represent the grass area to be treated.
  • Apply using a rotary spreader for larger areas or a small hand spreader for smaller areas.
  • Apply Crab Arrest in a crisscross pattern. Use 1/2 the rate in each direction. Apply when soil is moist and when rain is forecasted within 2 days of treatment. If rainfall does not occur within 2 days of treatment, irrigation is required. Excessive moisture at the time of treatment may reduce the effectiveness of the product.

NOTE: Do not apply in windy conditions. Do not apply on newly seeded grass and wait until after first mowing when the grass root systems are established, as it may inhibit seeds from germinating. Does not control established dandelion and large crabgrass. Not recommended for use with fertilizers containing nitrogen. Do not apply this product if over-seeding or re-sodding in the spring or fall.


  • Size: 20 Kg (44 lb)
  • Coverage: 185 square meters (2000 square feet)
  • Contains at least 9% nitrogen
  • Granular product must be watered in to activate
  • Apply in early spring and late summer before dandelion and large crabgrass seeds have germinated
  • Apply before soil temperatures reach 13° C (55° F)
  • Environmentally friendly, safe for children and pets
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to spread
  • Longer shelf life
Do not re-use the empty container. Dispose of in accordance with municipal or provincial regulations, if applicable. If no such regulations apply, wrap and dispose of empty container with household garbage. Keep in cool, dry conditions, away from seed, fertilizer, and other pesticides.

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