Chapin HydroFeed In-Line Fertilizer Injector Systems

A liquid fertilizer injector system that connects to your outdoor water faucet for supplying nutrients to plants, lawns, and gardens, keeping them green and healthy all season long.
Chapin 4701 HydroFeed Fertilizer Injector with 24 ounce capacity.

Chapin 4701 HydroFeed Fertilizer Injector with 24 ounce capacity.

  • 24 Oz. Fertilizer Injector
    CAD $55.55
    • Buy 2 for CAD $52.83 each and save 5%
  • 32 Oz. Fertilizer Injector
    CAD $96.31
    • Buy 2 for CAD $91.59 each and save 5%


Feed your lawn and garden plants with the liquid fertilizers they require for a healthy appearance with these Chapin HydroFeed In-Line Auto-Mix Fertilizer Injector Systems.

Two models to choose from:

  • Chapin 4701 HydroFeed Fertilizer Injector - 24 ounce capacity
  • Chapin 4702 HydroFeed Fertilizer Injector - 32 ounce capacity

Designed for use with liquid fertilizers, granular concentrates, and wettable powders (not included), these Chapin Fertilizer Injection Systems include an 18" PVC hose that connects to your outdoor water faucet. A patent-pending design filled with multiple features make these injectors perfect to use with drip irrigation, soaker hoses, inline sprinkler systems, manual hose-end sprinklers, and direct hose spray applications with standard hose nozzles.

These do-it-yourself fertigation systems from Chapin have clear poly tanks with funnel-shaped heads that make filling and monitoring your usage much easier. The clear tank appearance allows the user to see the contents inside, which is great for visually viewing the product and determining when it's time to replenish your liquid fertilizer. The large 3" filler opening with o-ring prevents leakage, while making it much easier to pour your product with minimal spills and clean the unit.

An anti-clog filter on these injection systems allows for liquid fertilizer to move through the unit smoothly, while helping to prevent dirt and debris from halting the application. Other features include a built-in bracket for mounting to walls or posts, a rigid inlet tube with filter for providing debris-free mixing, and a drain plug with valve for quickly emptying the tank after each use.

This HydroFeed Fertilizer Injector from Chapin provides you with a great method of conserving water, while still having a lush, green, properly-fed lawn and garden.


  • Chapin 4701 Tank Capacity: 24 ounces (0.70 L)
  • Chapin 4702 Tank Capacity: 32 ounces (0.95 L)
  • Inlet and Outlet Size: 3/4" GHT
  • Tank Material: Poly
  • Seal Material: Nitrile
  • PVC Hose Length: 18"
  • Tank Opening: 3"
  • For liquid fertilizer, granular concentrate, wettable powder, and fish emulsion applications
  • Automatically mixes concentrates 1 ounce per gallon
  • Built-in bracket for securing to walls or posts
  • Adjustable connection elbow lets tank mount to any hose spigot
  • Weight (4701): 1.7 lb
  • Weight (4702): 1.4 lb

NOTE: When connecting to a potable water supply, follow all local codes for backflow prevention. Backflow valve NOT included. Liquid fertilizers, wettable powders, and faucet NOT included.

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