Ontario Provincial Flag

Formerly the national flag of Canada, this provincial flag of Ontario has a rich history. Flag Pole NOT included.

Hang this provincial flag of Ontario high with pride.

Hang this provincial flag of Ontario high with pride.

  • Flag Ontario 27 x 54 Nylon
    CAD $47.00
  • Flag Ontario 36 x 72 Poly
    CAD $58.00
  • Flag Ontario 45 x 90 Poly
    CAD $124.00


Show honor and pride for the province you call home with this Ontario Provincial Flag.

The Provincial Flag of Ontario is a defaced Red Ensign consisting of a red background with the UK Royal Union flag in the upper left portion and the shield of the Ontario coat of arms in the center right side.

We are currently offering three versions of these Ontario Provincial Flags:

  • Ontario Flag 27" x 54" (68 cm x 137 cm) - Nylon (FLAGON27X54N)
  • Ontario Flag 36" x 72" (91 cm x 182 cm) - Polyester (FLAGON36X72)
  • Ontario Flag 45" x 90" (114 cm x 228 cm) - Polyester (FLAGON45X90)

Prior to 1965, this flag was the de facto national flag of Canada. Lengthy debates ensued searching for a more official and unique Canadian national flag, with the federal government eventually replacing the Red Ensign with the current maple leaf Canadian flag in 1965. This decision wasn't popular among some Canadians, including many Ontarians. The premier of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives at the time proposed Ontario have its own flag and that flag be the Red Ensign. It was tradition for jurisdictions around the world with a British government system to adapt either a blue or red ensign as a flag, with the addition of a local coat of arms or some other symbol. The premier felt the Ensign was an important symbol that reflected Ontario's British heritage and sacrifices Canadian troops made under the Red Ensign, stating the Ontario flag was part of our history. The Ontario Provincial Flag officially went into effect on May 21, 1965.

Designed with either DuraKnit knitted polyester or nylon material, these Ontario Flags provide optimal durability at an economical price. They are screen printed, making the color just as vibrant on the front as it is on the back and is finished with a canvas header and two brass grommets.

Ideal for daily outdoor flying, these flags can withstand high wind conditions. They can be placed in front of your home, on a porch, at your business entrance, golf courses, parks, and more. These flags also look great for indoor displays, presentations, speaker's platforms, celebrations, and many other special events.


  • Available with either nylon or Duraknit polyester material
  • Finished with a canvas header and two brass grommets on the left
  • Great for daily outdoor flying
  • Good in high wind conditions
  • Flag Pole NOT included

NOTE: To get the maximum life out of your flag, do not expose to freezing rain, heavy snow, or unusually high winds. It is recommended to bring the flag inside during extreme weather. While storing your Ontario Flag, make sure it is completely dry before putting it away. Do not place the flag where it can touch or whip against a hard or rough surface; for example, wire, brick, branches, cables, etc. Even a small tear can cause larger damage to the flag. If placing the flag on a pole (not included), ensure the pole is free of heavy dirt, rust, or corrosion. This can also cause damage to the flag.

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