Traqmatz Turf Protection and Safety Mat

A turf protection and safety mat that is placed on grassy areas where there's a high level of foot traffic to prevent damage and improve growth. Great for golf courses, playgrounds, and sports fields. Each mat requires 1-4 pins minimum to hold down.
A revolutionary turf and safety mat that protects grass from wear caused by walking and playing.

A revolutionary turf and safety mat that protects grass from wear caused by walking and playing.

  • TraqMatz Mat Rubber Holed 39" x 60"
    CAD $91.76
  • TraqPin Plastic Mat Pin (1-4 pins needed per mat)
    CAD $2.06
  • TraqConnect Mat Connector (1 needed for up to 4 mats)
    CAD $2.06


Replacing turf in high-traffic wear zones can be expensive and time consuming. But it doesn't have to be with the Traqmatz, a simple solution for high-traffic wear zone paths for walking, driving, and playing.

Traqmatz is an environmentally-friendly turf protection and safety mat that can be used for residential and commercial purposes on golf courses, municipal sports fields, playgrounds, ski resorts, and more across North America. Once placed on a grassy area with a high level of foot traffic, the mat will allow water to drain through the turf and top soil, improving growth and preventing damage.

Made with 50% recycled premium rubber material, Traqmatz is relatively lightweight, protecting the crown and root of grass blades and other organic materials to allow them to grow in high-traffic areas. Low maintenance and very durable, this "ring o rubber hollow mat" has excellent non-slip properties for excellent fall prevention. Whether installing Traqmatz for short or long-term use, it will deliver the flexibility that landscapers and golf maintenance staff require to manage their budgets and meet the changing demands of turf maintenance needs.

High-traffic wear areas Traqmatz can be used:

  • Golf Courses - Anywhere on golf courses where there is constant wear on turf, such as the edges of golf cart paths, walking paths, and maintenance paths. In 6-8 weeks, the grass will grow through the mat and the mat will protect the crown and root of grass, ensuring constant growth.
  • Municipal - Place on existing playgrounds, parks, sports field entrance ways, etc. where there is high grass wear and the possibility to slip in wet areas. Traqmatz can even be used as a grass erosion control mat on gentle slopes.
  • Playgrounds - Since Traqmatz is ATSM F1292 accredited for playgrounds, it can be used around swings, climbing structures, zip lines, and more. It also can be used as an erosion control mat on slightly sloped hills and as an anti-wear path mat in entrance ways between fence posts.

How to Install:

  1. Mark and lay out the area that needs to be covered by the Traqmatz.
  2. Fill any major depressions with a sandy-based top soil and apply grass seed or sod over the repaired area.
  3. Place a Traqmatz over the existing grass or sod in the area that needs to be covered, secure the mat with the pin(s), and use connectors where the mats join.
  4. Cut around any obstacles with a utility knife.


  • Size: 60" L x 39" W (152 cm x 99 cm)
  • Thickness: 15/16" (2.4 cm)
  • Coverage: 16.25 sq. ft. per mat (1.5 sq. m)
  • Material: 50% recycled premium rubber
  • ASTM F1292 accredited for playgrounds with an average fall height of 10' (3 m)
  • Weight: 27 lb (12.2 kg)

Traqpin: Barbed plastic pins that resist heaving and secure the Traqmatz down. Requires minimum of 1-4 pins per mat but it is suggested to use 6 pins per mat.

Traqconnect: - Rubber holed mat fastening system that is used to safely connect multiple mats together, without any sharp edges or zip ties. Requires minimum of 1 per mat but it is suggested to use 4 per mat.

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