Golf Course Fairway Snake - Dew Rope

Keep golf course fairways clean by removing dew, grass clippings, guttation water, and worm castings in a single pass with these durable ropes. Must be towed between two vehicles.
Available in two sizes: 100' (30 m) and 150' (45 m).

Available in two sizes: 100' (30 m) and 150' (45 m).

  • Fairway Snake 100' Complete
    CAD $943.37
  • Fairway Snake 150' Complete
    CAD $1,293.91
  • Fairway Snake Ends Only - 2 Pack
    CAD $247.44


Maintain a clean appearance on golf course fairways with the Fairway Snake Dew Rope.

Designed to be towed between two vehicles, the Fairway Snake is a durable braided rope that is specifically engineered to quickly and easily remove dew, guttation water, grass clippings, and earthworm castings from fairways in a single pass.

Built to last, the Fairway Snake Dew Rope was developed to be gentle on turf as it rolls across the fairway, as well as being extremely durable, capable of withstanding routine trips around the golf course.

Strength and Durability: the braiding process used in the manufacturing adds incredible strength to the Fairway Snake. The more pull that is exerted, the more each fiber locks into place, creating strength, durability, and reliability. These fairway dragging tools are also UV and water resistant and feature a special coating for improved tolerance to wear.

Gentle on Turf and Equipment: the rope comes with a unique end unit assembly system, allowing it to roll or spin over turf, unlike standard dragging tools. The spinning action reduces stress on turf and allows you to use less powerful equipment to pull the rope. This frees up your heavy-duty utility vehicles for other jobs around the golf course.

Hugs the Fairway: the weighted core (0.5 lb per foot) of the rope forces it across the contours of the golf course, cleaning up the fairway in a single pass. The rope's flexibility allows it to maneuver and adjust to all the slopes of the landscape.

Sizing Recommendations: Use a Fairway Snake that is 25' (7.6 m) longer than the widest fairway. This provides you with the necessary slack required to clean all fairways in a single pass.

Fairway Width:

  • Use the 100' Fairway Snake if fairway is 25-75' (8-25 yards / 8-23 m) wide
  • Use the 150' Fairway Snake if fairway is 76-125' (25-42 yards / 23-38 m) wide


  • Two sizes available: 100' (30 m) and 150' (45 m)
  • Material: Polypropylene (outside), lead beads (inside)
  • Kink-resistant
  • UV and water resistant
  • Weight: 50 lb (100' Snake), 75 lb (150' Snake)
  • Must be towed between two vehicles

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