Kirby Fairway Yardage Markers

Used on over 3000 golf courses worldwide, these unobtrusive yardage markers enhance the golfing experience by allowing golfers to easily read their yardage, speeding up play considerably.

Four colors available: Red, white, blue, and yellow.

Four colors available: Red, white, blue, and yellow.

  • Marker Kirby Red 100
    CAD $100.01
  • Marker Kirby White 150
    CAD $100.01
  • Marker Kirby Blue 200
    CAD $100.01
  • Marker Kirby Yellow w/ BLK 250
    CAD $100.01


Speed up play on the golf course by easily identifying how many yards it is to the center of the golf green with these widely-used Kirby Fairway Yardage Markers.

Four colors to choose from:

  • Red indicates 100 yards to the center of green
  • White indicates 150 yards to the center of green
  • Blue indicates 200 yards to the center of green
  • Yellow indicates 250 yards to the center of green

There is nothing more diminishing to the enjoyment of golf than a slow round on the course. One of the main reasons for this is because golfers are continually searching for the correct yardage. Searching for a way to improve the game of golf and speed up play, Jack Kirby developed Kirby Markers, a highly-visible, easy-to-read yardage marker that allows golfers to quickly determine yardage much faster than standard markers. This resulted in more groups being sent out on the course, increasing player retention and boosting sales in the clubhouse and pro shops.

Now used on more than 3000 golf courses worldwide, including Pebble Beach Pro-Am and AT&T National Pro-Am, Kirby Markers offer golf courses a complete system for fairway yardage markers, providing you measurable advantages compared to other types of yardage markers, including superior weather resistance, durability, visibility, speed of play, and low maintenance.

By quickly and easily reading yardage, these distance markers ensure a reasonable speed of play. It was found on average that Kirby Markers speed up play by up to 36 minutes per foursome, resulting in enhanced golfing experiences for golf courses that have implemented these yardage markers throughout their 18-hole course.

Requiring less time and effort to maintain compared to standard markers, Kirby Markers are UV coated with an industrial-grade clear coating for a polished finish and protective feel. They have the ability to withstand snow, rain, extreme heat, ice, and mud. This durability and toughness means that golf course maintenance staff will not have to replace markers when exposed to rugged outdoor conditions.

Measuring 10.5" in diameter and raised 2" for easy visibility on golf courses, these fairway markers collapse under lawn mowers, saving maintenance crews time and effort from having to pull out fairway makers. They also are mower-friendly, resulting in considerably less blade wear and tear.

Golf courses will have an improved return of investment when installing Kirby Markers, resulting in a reduction on daily course maintenance and allowing more golfers to complete.


  • Four colors: Red (100 yd), White (150 yd), Blue (200 yd), Yellow (250 yd)
  • Diameter: 10.5"
  • Raised 2" for easy visibility on golf course
  • UV coated
  • Used on over 3000 golf courses around the world

Click here for installation instructions for Kirby Fairway Markers.

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