Tie Boss - Tie Down System

A tie down system for securing or lifting a wide range of objects up to 300 lb. quickly and safely.
Includes one per pack (two are recommended for most applications).
Three colors available: Blue, High Visibility Green, and Safety Orange.

Three colors available: Blue, High Visibility Green, and Safety Orange.

  • 3/8" Tie Boss, Blue - 10' Rope, 300 LB Max Load
    CAD $29.98
  • 3/8" Tie Boss - Green - 10' Rope, 300 LB Max Load
    CAD $29.98
  • 3/8" Tie Boss - Orange - 10' Rope, 300 LB Max Load
    CAD $29.98


Tie down and secure a wide range of equipment and objects both indoors and outdoors with confidence by using the Tie Boss Tie Down System.

Tie Boss is a unique tie down system that can be used to lift up or tie down almost any load up to 300 lb. with its easy-to-use one hand lock and release, allowing you to secure your equipment quickly and safely. Considered greater than a bungee and easier to use than a ratchet, Tie Boss is one of the best tie downs available, with no moving parts that fail or jam.

It is very simple to use, only requiring you to attach the hooks and pull the rope to tie down or lift almost any load. The included rope will not stretch, slip, or loosen while in use and releases quickly with a simple pull on the free end.

Three colors are available:

  • Blue (BTB3810BLU)
  • High Visibility Green (BTB3810GRN)
  • Safety Orange (BTB3810ORG)

Each version comes with a lock and release system, two durable hooks, and 10' of 3/8" diameter solid braided polypropylene rope. Only one Tie Boss is included per pack, but at least two are recommended for most applications.

Tie Boss can be used indoors and outdoors to tie down or lift up a wide range of equipment, including ATVs, bicycles, boats, kayaks, canoes, building materials, ladders, lumber, furniture, tents, tarps, canopies, deer carcass, and much more.


  • Max. Load Limit: 300 lb. (136 kg)
  • Includes 10' (3 m) of 3/8" (9.5 mm) diameter solid braided polypropylene rope
  • With two durable hooks
  • Includes one per pack (two are recommended for most applications, four recommended for ATVs)
  • Works in all types of weather
  • Holds load with no slipping
  • No stretching or snapping back
  • Maintains tension without tying off


The rope will stretch and degrade with time and use. Use the Tie Boss supplied rope or Tie Boss approved rope ONLY. All ropes are not made the same way and can stretch, fray, or break differently. Always test a new rope to ensure that Tie Boss Tie Down teeth engage the rope and holds without slipping.


Always evaluate the workload and inspect the Tie Boss and rope before use. Read the instructions completely before using. Failure to read the instructions and warnings may result in serious injury and / or property damage.

  • Do not use if damaged
  • Do not exceed load limits of Tie Boss Tie Down or rope
  • Avoid sharp edges, pinch points, abrasive, or hot surfaces
  • Secure items as tightly as possible during transit (shifting loads may exceed working load limit of Tie Boss)
  • Inspect tie down after 10 miles (16 km) and every 50 miles (80 km) thereafter
  • Never hoist items over persons or animals
  • Never use a Tie Boss Tie Down to hold human weight

Click here or check under 'Related Information' for instructions on how to install Tie Boss.

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