Canadian Ceremonial Flag - Fringed

A Canadian Ceremonial Flag with a gold fringe is available for indoor displays, presentations, offices of government officials, and more. Flag pole not included.

Canadian Ceremonial Flag with gold fringes.

Canadian Ceremonial Flag with gold fringes.

  • Canada Flag Fringed 36 x 72
    CAD $116.99


Decorate the interior of your home or office with this Canadian Ceremonial Fringed Flag.

Show your patriotism for Canada by hanging this ceremonial flag high at an indoor display, public meeting, presentation, parade, government office, and more. It is a popular flag that is widely used in the private sector.

Features include an elegant gold fringe on the edges of the flag. Even though fringes on flags have no symbolism, they are used purely as a decorative addition as sort of an optional enhancement to the beauty of the flag.

Originally designed by George Stanley, the Canadian National Flag consists of a vertical triband of red and white with a stylized, red maple leaf centered on the white band. Searching ardently for a replacement to the Union Flag in 1964, the Prime Minister at the time, Lester B. Pearson, formed a special committee to resolve the issue of Canada lacking an official national flag. The George Stanley maple leaf designed Canadian flag was chosen in early 1965. Since then, the red and white Canadian flag has been recognized nationally and globally as a symbol of unity, tolerance, and peace.


  • Size: 36" x 72" (91 cm x 183 cm)
  • Material: Nylon
  • With gold fringe
  • Made in Canada
  • Flag pole not included

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