Compost Tea Brewer & Compost Tea Catalyst

Brew a batch of Compost Tea in this 10 gallon Brewer within 24 hours. Designed with industrial grade components. As seen in Martha Stewart's blog regarding Compost Tea.
Compost Tea Maker 10 Gallon GSI S10.

Compost Tea Maker 10 Gallon GSI S10.

  • Compost Tea System 10 Gallon
    (GSI S10)
    CAD $1,134.10
  • Compost Tea Catalyst 15 oz Jar
    (GSI CAT150Z)
    CAD $51.55


You can create a rich microbial tea in just 24 hours. You can use compost, worm castings, or manure to create your own Compost Tea. The critical operation for creating good and safe teas is the aeration of the mix. The 10 gallon Compost Tea Maker uses fine bubble diffusion with more than 4,000 1mm perforations. Designed with industrial grade components, this unit will be good for use in small nurseries, hydroponic facilities and home gardens for years to come. These fine bubble discs ensure an optimum dispersion and distribution of oxygen throughout the mix. The oxygen stimulates the growth of good microbes while hindering bad microbial development. The Compost Tea Catalyst will further boost the production of the good microbes. The Catalyst contains seaweed extract, humic acid and mineral powder. The Compost Tea Catalyst is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed. This Compost Catalyst can be used in any Compost Tea Brewing System.

In preparation for making your Compost Tea, it is best to dechlorinate your water. Rain water may also be an option. The chlorine is detrimental to the production of good microbes for your Compost Tea.

When applying Compost Teas on Turfgrass on a regular basis it will work to suppress fungal diseases on your grass. It will also add micro-nutrients to the soil in a form that is easily accessible by the plants. It has also been said that Compost Tea made from worm castings suppresses mildew on garden plants, in fact, even on grapes. Compost Teas made from worm castings have been shown to suppress the pathogens involved in the damping off of young plants. The pathogens involved with damping off are Pythium spp., Phytopthora spp.,Rhizoctonia solani and other fungi including Fusarium, Sclerotina, Macrophomina and Aphanomyces.

Your finished Compost Tea should have a rich dark brown colour and a pleasant earthy smell. Compost Tea should be applied within four hours after it comes out of the maker. If it is to be stored then it should be kept cool and out of direct sunlight in an open container. You should occasionally stir the tea to prolong its life. You can apply your finished Compost Tea to the ground or to the foliage. When you apply it to the foliage it should be done out of direct strong sunlight and in a very fine mist. To the ground it should be applied in large amounts.

This Compost Tea Maker measures 20" x 20" x 27" and weights 27 lbs. when empty. The piston pump creates the fine bubble diffusion throughout the mass. Power is 110/220v.

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