Compost Tea Brewers - Commercial Models

The most efficient compost tea brewing systems available. From 10 gallons to 100 gallons, Growing Solutions has built Compost Tea Brewers to fulfill all your brewing needs.

10 gallon Compost Tea Brewer.

10 gallon Compost Tea Brewer.

  • Compost Tea System 10 Gallon
    (GSI S10)
    CAD $1,100.00


Growing Solutions Inc builds the best Compost Tea Brewers available. They pioneered and hold the patent for fine bubble diffusion, the most efficient brewing method to produce rich compost tea within a 24 hour brewing time.

These patented Compost Tea Systems each feature a rubber membrane diffusion disc. The rubber membrane expands under high pressure air, produced by a commercial grade linear pump on the 10 gallon models; and a Siemens Regenerative Blower on the 100 gallon models. The membrane expansion opens more than 4000 1 mm perforations, producing fine bubbles. It is these bubbles that ensure optimum oxygen levels are created and are maintained throughout the mixing process while the Compost Tea is brewing.

Common Features

  • Fine bubble air diffusion technology.
  • High-quality, commercial air producing systems – Both the air pumps and re-generative blowers are designed for 24-7 operation.
  • Thick walled brewing tanks and stands.
  • Easy-to-clean compost tea baskets and brewer tanks.

Compost Tea System 10

This system is perfect for homeowners, small professional operations and research institutions. While delivering the same high performance of larger units, this particular unit affords greater portability and convenience.

Compost Tea System 100

The most popular of the four models available. The Compost Tea System 100 is perfect for operations ranging in size from 10 to 50 acres. Using patented design and industrial grade materials, this unit is built to provide reliable service under professional conditions.

Compost Tea System model specifications.
Model Voltage (V) Power (W) Current (A) Frequency (Hz) Flow Rate (L/min) Flow Rate (cfm)
System10 120 35 0.3 60 60 2.1
System100 115 230 4.6 60 425 15.0

See Related Information below for detailed specifications of each of the four models of the Compost Tea Brewing System.

Compost Tea Catalyst stimulates diverse microbial growth during the 24 hour production time when brewing compost tea.

Compost Tea is quickly becoming one of the most popular organic alternatives for landscapers.

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