Compost Tea Catalyst

An exclusive blend of ingredients that will help accelerate microbial growth in your Compost Tea. Good for use in all Compost Tea Makers.

15 ounce container.

15 ounce container.

  • Compost Tea Catalyst 15 oz Jar
    (GSI CAT150Z)
    CAD $51.55
  • Compost Tea Catalyst 4.5 lb Tub
    (GSI CAT4.5TB)
    CAD $139.19


Your Compost Tea system is not quite complete without this important ingredient! Compost Tea Catalyst is an exclusive blend of ingredients that will help accelerate the growth of different microbial growth during aerated Compost Tea production.

Apart from seaweed extract, humic acid and mineral powder, the catalyst also contains numerous other botanical ingredients, without the use of simple sugars.

Not only is the Compost Tea Catalyst simple and easy to use, but the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) lists it for use in organic production.

Compost Tea Catalyst comes in 3 convenient sizes and is suitable for all Compost Tea systems. Volume pricing is available for this product.

Easy Volume / Rate Chart

  • 15 ounce container = 50 gallons or 5 refills for the 10 gallon unit - 2 refills for the 25 gallon unit
  • 4.5 lb container = 10 refills for the 25 gallon unit - 2.5 refills for the 100 gallon unit

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