Stop & Go Tire Plugger - Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

A repair kit to fix punctures on tubeless tires. Great for on or off the wheel repairs to golf cars and riding mowers. Do NOT use on Class A motorhome tires.
A tubeless tire repair kit for golf cars and riding mowers.

A tubeless tire repair kit for golf cars and riding mowers.

  • Tire Plugger Kit
    CAD $100.01
  • Extra Plugs 3/4" - 50 Plugs
    CAD $32.99


Don't let a tire puncture ruin your day with this easy-to-use Stop & Go Tire Plugger Repair Kit.

Designed for repairing tubeless tires on or off the wheel, this repair kit saves you a great deal of time and money if you have punctured tires on golf cars and riding mowers. Most vehicles today run on tubeless tires. Regardless of their thickness or pre-sealant additives, these tires are all susceptible to being punctured. With the Stop & Go Tubeless Tire Repair kit, you can be ready in the event of a tire puncture and experience the repair skills of a professional while saving a great deal of time and money.

Stop & Go Standard Tire Plugger Kit 1075 includes:

  • 25 x Rubber Mushroom Plugs (3/4" length x 5/16" diameter)
  • 1 x Nozzle and Probe Tool
  • 1 x Reaming Tool
  • 1 x Retractable Razer Knife
  • 1 x Vinyl Zipper Pouch
  • 1 x Set of Instructions

How it works: The nozzle and probe tool / gun is a spring-loaded device that drives the tire plug into the hole. The shaft of the tire plugs expand under pressure to fill the puncture. The mushroom head of the plug seats on the inner wall does not allow air to escape. This ensures maximum reliability from its revolutionary design. Your tires can now be easily plugged on or off the wheel.

Precautionary Information: Holes larger than 1/2" should not be plugged. Rubber cement is not needed with this kit. Puncture repairs made "on the wheel" are classified as emergency repairs. If an emergency repair is made, the tire must not be run more than 160 kilometers (100 miles) at speeds no greater than 80 km/h (50 mph) until the tire is removed from the rim, inspected carefully, and a permanent repair is made. NOTE: This repair kit will NOT work for Class A motorhome tires. It does work with Class B and Class C motorhome tires, as well as travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Click here for instructions on the Stop & Go Tire Plugger.

If you require more Mushroom Plugs for tire repairs, you can purchase them in a pack of 50 (sold separately).

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