Electric PTO Clutches for Encore Mowers

This Electric PTO Clutch is maintenance and adjustment free and designed for commercial and residential use excellent for Encore Mowers.

255-435 Electric PTO Clutch for Encore Mowers.

255-435 Electric PTO Clutch for Encore Mowers.

  • Electric PTO Clutch
    CAD $581.42


These Stens Electric PTO Clutches are OEM spec and replaces Encore PTO Clutches. They are designed for rugged use and made for residential and commercial applications. These PTO clutches have a One Year Warranty and are maintenance and adjustment free.

You must match up your existing PTO Clutch reference number exactly to the corresponding replacement Electric PTO Clutch. For proper ordering reference Encore & Warner Part No. below in the chart.

Part # Replaces
Encore OEM
Warner #
ID HT Pulley
Direction Uses Belt
255-435 523025 / 523370 5215-69
1 1/8" 3 1/2" 6" Counter Clockwise 5/8"


If a clutch is mounted incorrectly then the springs will be run in compression and it will cause the springs to fail.

Generally, most applications that mount directly to the crankshaft use a counter clockwise rotation for standard mount (pulley away from engine). A clockwise rotation is normally used for reverse mounting (pulley towards engine).

In order for your PTO clutch to be installed properly you must torque correctly to prevent premature failure. You must allow both axial and radial free-play on the anti-rotation device. You must allow this free-play or resistance will be created resulting in field bearing failure.

When mounting bolt and retaining washer and torque for the clutch follow these specs. for it to work properly.

  1. Use Grade 5 or Grade 8 bolt only

Minimum Torque:

  1. 7/16" UNF bolt is 50ftlb/67 Nm
  2. 3/8" UNF bolt is 31ftlb/42 Nm
  3. M10x1.5 bolt is 35ftlb/48 Nm

Anything less than required mounting torque could result in clutch failure, thus voiding warranty.