Xtreme Electric PTO Clutches for Lesco Mowers

Stens OEM Replacement Xtreme Electric PTO Clutches for Lesco mowers. These new Xtreme PTO Clutches for Lesco mowers come with cool coil technology, bearing upgrades, and integrated watertight wire harnesses.
Stens Xtreme Electric PTO Clutch 255-145X.

Stens Xtreme Electric PTO Clutch 255-145X.

  • Xtreme Electric PTO Clutch
    CAD $593.18
  • Xtreme Electric PTO Clutch
    CAD $461.85


Use these Stens Xtreme Electric PTO Clutches as OEM replacements on various Lesco mowers. They also can replace Warner and Xtreme PTO clutches. Refer to the chart below to find the right PTO clutch for your application.

The Stens Xtreme series of Electric PTO Clutches feature the following:

  • Cool coil technology - runs over 20% cooler than competitive clutches. Electromagnetic clutches run very hot, up to around 220° F. Xtreme composite coils run around 175° F. Less heat means extended life.
  • High temperature bearing upgrades OR FatBoy bearing upgrades - high temperature bearings use a special blend of grease rated two times more than what is required for extended bearing life. Since high temperatures and vibration are tough on bearings, all Xtreme clutches use this blend of high temperature grease for extended bearing life. FatBoy bearings have an increased size to improve bearing life. Since the number one failure in a lawnmower clutch is the pulley bearing, the FatBoy uses top grade bearings and a replaceable pulley bearing.
  • Replaceable pulley bearings - since the pulley bearings can eventually wear out, the Xtreme design offers replaceable bearings (not all clutches have this feature).
  • Super smooth "Xtreme Precision" machined pulleys - result in stronger, quieter, smoother performance, while maintaining stable and faster blade speeds. These type of pulleys are used on Nascar engines since they don't spread under load like cheaper formed pulleys. If a formed pulley spreads, the belt will sink deeper into the groove, lowering belt speed and slowing down blades.
  • Integrated, watertight, impact-resistant wire harnesses - Xtreme clutches have integrated watertight connections with three layers of protection at the clutch body instead of flimsy plastic connectors with exposed wires.

Part # Replaces Lesco OEM # Replaces Warner # Replaces Xtreme # ID Pulley Diameter Direction Uses Belt Width
255-145X TCA14535 5219-32 X0353 1 1/8" 6 5/16" Counterclockwise 1/2" or 5/8"
255-146X GDA10017 5219-4 X0359 1" 6" Counterclockwise 1/2" or 5/8"

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