EZ Flo Fertigation Injector

The patented EZ-FLO Fertigation System improves results by delivering a constant feed of fertilizers and nutrients to your irrigation system in greenhouses, landscape gardens, and large turf areas.

The EZ-Flo EZ001.

The EZ-Flo EZ001.

  • Ezflo Fertigation - Small - 1.5 Gallon
    CAD $364.03
  • Ezflo Fertigation - Medium - 2.5 Gallon
    CAD $520.50
  • Ezflo Fertigation - Large - 5 Gallon
    CAD $902.00
  • Ezflo Fertigation Dispensing Unit - 9.4 Gallon
    CAD $1,595.55
  • EZ Flo Connector
    CAD $33.00
  • 1" 40 PVC Coupling Socket
    CAD $35.75
  • Ezflo Connector
    CAD $37.40
  • Ezflo Connector
    CAD $51.70
  • Ezflo Connector
    CAD $73.70
  • 3" PVC Coupling for EZ Flo
    CAD $277.20
  • EZ Flo C400 4" Coupling Connector
    CAD $303.60
  • EZ Flo Shutoff Valve Kit
    CAD $13.23


The patented EZ-FLO Fertigation System improves results by delivering a constant feed of fertilizers and nutrients to your irrigation system in greenhouses, landscape gardens and large turf areas. With injection ratios of 15,000:1 to 400:1, this accurate injector fills the need for lower flow injection. The flow rate can be as low as 2.5 gph or can inject in a line up to 3" in diameter.

The EZ-FLO Systems require no pre-mixing or pre-dilution. The EZ-FLO Systems use fully concentrated products only. This extends the operational time duration. The result is the reduced frequency of refilling the EZ-Flo Fertigation units.

This model of the EZ-Flo Injector is designed to operate under a constant pressure of 5 psi and up to constant pressure of 80 psi. It simply installs beside your main irrigation source, before the control solenoids. Only one injector is required, regardless of how many zones (mixing ratios remain constant regardless of flow rate).

EZ-FLO Fertigation Systems are designed to efficiently feed every time you water. With EZ-FLO, you control the distribution of precise doses of nutrients to your plant material and you eliminate the guesswork and intensive labor required to apply fertilizer. In some geographical areas, other Organic Fertilizers, Bio-Stimulants , Critter and Insect Controls can be applied through the EZ-FLO Fertigation Units. Please check with your local authorities. Rittenhouse does not carry any Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, Bio-Stimulants , Critter and Insect Chemical Controls.

The EZ005 and the EZ010 units will require a Coupling Ball Valve (CBV) to regulate the flow. This is very important when the Zone valves are at an elevation of 10 feet or more above the installation point of the Fertigation Unit. They are also required on your low flow drip irrigation systems. The CBV Valves provide the ability to adjust the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet connection to the irrigation sytem flow line. The CBV Valves must be matched to the diameter of your water flow line. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

For each refill of the unit, fertilizer can last up to 4-6 weeks without having to return to refill the unit.

Includes standard installation kit for pipe 1" diameter or smaller. Please contact us for installation kits for a larger size pipe.

You must order the correctly sized coupling connector when you order the fertigation system. The size of the connector is the inside diameter (ID) of the plastic water line you are installing the fertigation system into. For example, if the inside diameter of the pipe is 2" (i.e., you are using a 2" pipe), then order the 2" coupling connector (C200).

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