Lesco 80 lb Fertilizer and Salt Spreader - 101186 High Wheel

This High Wheel Lesco Fertilizer and Salt Spreader is the choice of professional landscapers and the industry standard spreader. Designed to hold 80 lb of fertilizer, as well as salt and ice melt for winter deicing applications. A true all season spreader.
The 101186 Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer with Deflector.  Cover is not included

The 101186 Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer with Deflector. Cover is not included

  • Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Walk Behind Spreader
    CAD $699.00
  • Lesco Hopper Cover
    CAD $47.46
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    • Buy 6 for CAD $40.39 each and save 15%
  • Rittenhouse Lesco Hopper Cover
    CAD $47.46
    • Buy 3 for CAD $42.76 each and save 10%
    • Buy 6 for CAD $40.39 each and save 15%
  • Lesco Permagreen Agitator Replacement Kit
    CAD $90.16
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    • Buy 12 for CAD $77.09 each and save 15%


The Lesco Fertilizer Spreader (Lesco is now part of SiteOne) is the industry standard for spreaders with its all stainless steel frame. Widely heralded as the best fertilizer spreader on the market, it is the first choice in the landscaping and lawn care community.

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Features such as an 80 lb hopper, a manual deflector and an enclosed gearbox with a 5 to 1 gear ratio are among the details that have made this spreader the choice of professionals everywhere.

With the ability to adapt to the changing of the seasons, this Lesco 80 lb Broadcast Spreader can be used year round for spreading a range of granular products.

  • In the warmer months, granular fertilizers and seed can be spread to rejuvenate and improve the health of lawns.
  • In the winter, dry free-flowing salt and ice melt can be spread for winter de-icing applications to prevent slipping accidents on sidewalks, pathways, driveways, etc.

Whichever season of the year it is, this Lesco spreader will stand up to the task because it is a true all season spreader.


  • Adjustable handle for ease of use by operators of all sizes can be mounted in three positions.
  • Includes a manual deflector to keep the fertilizer or salt in the area you want it
  • Large cam-operated impeller for effective agitation.
  • Stainless steel frame, axle, impeller shaft and on/off assembly for extended wear and durability.
  • Unique cam-operated oscillating agitator sweeps beyond hole openings in both directions to help eliminate product bridging and minimize product damage.
  • Shutoff plate features pattern-adjustment slide for even distribution of a variety of products.
  • Oversized tires for increased stability, reduced rutting and easier product application on taller, thicker grasses.
  • Overall width 25"
  • Can be used year round
  • Use this Lesco / John Deere Landscapes Spreader in the winter with dry free-flowing salt or small particle ice melt material on driveways, pathways, walkways, etc. to prevent unnecessary accidents.
  • Some assembly required, instructions included.

Optional Accessories for the 091186 and 101186 Lesco Spreaders

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  • Spreader Cover (92128): Minimizes any fertilizer dust getting out and moisture getting in.
  • Spreader Cover (RITTENCVR): Same function as above but it is made with higher-quality elastic and has watertight seams. Manufactured exclusively for Rittenhouse.
  • BreakThru Agitation System (T422400PLUS): Features oscillating claws that will dig deep into the hopper holes and break through clogs to deliver continuous flow of fertilizer, seed, lime and salt. This kit includes everything you would need to replace and repair your existing agitator assembly and upgrade to the BREAKTHRU System
  • Lesco Remote Deflector and Third Hole Shutoff (92456): The levers to operate the deflector and the 3rd hole shutoff are located on the handle assembly for easy access while pushing the spreader. You can engage the deflector or 3rd hole kit while in motion.
  • Remote Deflector for Lesco or Cub Cadet (2004519): The lever is located at the spreader handle. You can engage the deflector while in motion, no need to stop.

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