West County Glove Sizing Guide

Glove size is either something long forgotten, or never known. In any case, here's all you need to do:

Measure around the knuckles of your writing hand with a soft tape measure. Use the chart below to get an approximate glove size. These gloves are made to fit snug, but not tight. The mesh back stretches with your hand movements to avoid bagging and rubbing which can cause blisters. If your measurement is on the cusp, size down.

Women's and men's sizing differ in circumference and finger length. A Women's Large has the same circumference as a Men's Medium, but the fingers are 1/8" longer to accommodate fingernails.

How to measure your hand to determine your West County glove size.

If you have more questions about sizing, please give us a call at 1-877-488-1914, or reach us by email at customer-care@mkrittenhouse.com.

Women's glove sizing.
Measurement Size
5" – 5 1/2" XS
6" – 6 1/2" S
7" – 7 1/2" M
8" – 8 1/2" L
Men's glove sizing.
Measurement Size
8" – 8 1/2" M
9" – 9 1/2" L
10" – 10 1/12" XL
11" – 11 1/2" XXL