Bed Bug Trap and Lure

Concerned about Bed Bugs? These Bed Bug Traps offer an early warning system.
Single Bed Bug Trap and Lure.

Single Bed Bug Trap and Lure.

  • Bed Bug Lure and Trap
    CAD $80.79


The Bed Bug Trap and Lure is transparent, making it simple to check for the bed bugs. The trap will lure and capture bed bugs from the 2 instar (second stage of their development) up full grown adults. The small trap measures 1.75" by 2.75" by .5". The Bed Bug Trap and Lure is a sealed unit, so it is tamper proof for children and pets. This means that there is no direct exposure to the glue or lure. The traps can be easily installed with no special training in clothes drawers, couches, chairs and other soft material furniture. They can also be placed around the edge of a mattress or in luggage.

You should use 1 to 4 Bed Bug Trap and Lure per piece of furniture and check them daily. The traps can last for up to six months depending on the conditions. If you find the bed Bugs, dispose of the unit(s) immediately and replace them ASAP. For larger problems, please contact an exterminator.

Perfect size for travelling; take the worry out of your hotel stay.

Made in the USA

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