Mosquito Less 900 ml / Garlic Concentrated Product

A natural concentrated Garlic Oil product to repel mosquitoes from your outdoor living area. Simply mix with water.



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  • Mosquito Less with Hose End Sprayer
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Simply spray your trees, shrubs, gardens, lawn, fences, out buildings and low areas. All hard surfaces should be tested for staining prior to spraying. The mosquitoes will leave minutes after this natural garlic oil product is sprayed and will be gone for up to 4 weeks. There is no need to worry about a lingering smell of garlic as the odor will dissipate in 4-5 hours. Mosquito-Less is best applied on calm evenings. Rain and irrigation may diminish the Mosquito-Less' effectiveness.

Mosquito-Less is distilled pure garlic oil rather than garlic juice, making it even more effective than other garlic products. Since it is an oil, there is no need to add any oil or soaps to ensure the solution will stick to surfaces. Mosquito-Less is made from distilled, concentrated food grade garlic oil. Mosquito-Less is registered for mosquito control with the PMRA and the Ontario MOE. Phyto-toxic testing of the Mosquito-Less product has shown that when used as recommended it does not affect plants and vegetation.

Mosquitoes are 10,000 times more sensitive to garlic than humans. Their life-cycle normally takes place within a 100 square yards over a number of weeks. Once they leave the area, the mosquitoes prefer not to return. Many people have been using it for decades to help protect cattle, horses and other livestock.

Mosquito-Less is ideal for mosquito control in backyards, cottages, resorts, marinas, and RV parks. They can be applied to control mosquitoes for outdoor events, weddings, backyard pool areas, barbeque areas, golf courses and municipal recreation parks. It is a good idea to keep pets out of treated areas until the odor dissipates, as it could be absorbed by their hair and skin. It should not be allowed to drift into the water of swimming pools.

MOSQUITO-Less meets Health Canada's PMRA criteria for natural products and no Federal Permits are required. MOSQUITO-Less also carries the Enviro-Global rating.

Mosquito-Less 900 mL can be applied with a hose end sprayer at 80 ml per Litre or 3 oz. per gallon. If you are applying Mosquito-Less with a pump sprayer or hand can, use 80 ml per Litre of water or 3 oz. per gallon. If you are using a fogger, you can add 2% of Mosquito-Less to your mixture.

Mosquito-Less Hose End Spray will attach directly to your hose. There is no mixing as the reusable spray head does all the mixing. The Mosquito-Less 900 ml bottle is the replacement size for the Mosquito-Less Hose End Sprayer.

MOSQUITO-Less 900 ml bottle treats up to 3000 square feet (0.068 acres).

Also available is the MOSQUITO-Less 20 L pail treats up to 65,340 square feet (1.5 acres) - see below for larger pail.

See Mosquito Barrier below for similar product available in the U.S.

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