Spoton Tip Cleaner & Multi-Tool

Easily maintain nozzles and spray tips in the field with the SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner and 4-in-1 Tip Tool.

The SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner and 4-in-1 Tip Tool come together!

The SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner and 4-in-1 Tip Tool come together!

  • Spoton Nozzle Cleaner and Tip Tool
    CAD $89.86


Available now together is the SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner and Tip Tool. These tools are made to specifically clean and maintain nozzle bodies.

The SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner supplies a 50 PSI air blast for clearing debris and dirt from spray tips. Easy to carry for quick maintenance in the field.

SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner Instructions:

Step 1: Pull Open

  • Pull plunger all the way out

Step 2: Compress Plunger

  • Compress the plunger until it is latched and clicked.

Step 3: Release Air Blast

  • To release charged compressed air, press the red nozzle.

SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner Specifications:

  • Clears plugged spray tips.
  • Delivers 50 PSI air blast.
  • Easy to use.

The Multi-Tool is a 4-in-1 tool that features a utility hook, spanner wrench, foldout plastic pick, and a brush. Convenient and compact, the 4-in-1 Tip Tool makes nozzle tip maintenance easy and quick.

4-in-1 Tip Tool Includes:

  • Brush- Cleans dirt and debris away from nozzles, tips, filters, and more.
  • Plastic Pick - Folds out to clean plugged tips.
  • Spanner Wrench - Great for use on nozzle caps and check valves that have become stuck from spray products.
  • Utility Hook- Easily remove filters and dissemble nozzles.

See how the SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner and 4-in-1 Tip Tool works !

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