Teejet Threaded Nozzle Caps - Brass and Nylon

Nozzle caps for Teejet nozzles and tips.
Range of nozzle caps by TeeJet.

Range of nozzle caps by TeeJet.

  • Teejet Nozzle Cap - Nylon
    CAD $1.15
  • Teejet Nozzle Cap - Brass
    CAD $1.75
    • Buy 50 for CAD $1.63 each and save 7%
  • Teejet Long Nozzle Cap for Ceramic Nozzles
    CAD $1.74
  • Teejet Nozzle Cap Gasket
    CAD $1.34
  • Teejet Nozzle Cap - Stainless Steel
    CAD $8.31


Secure interchangeable TeeJet tips to various nozzle bodies.

These caps fit on Teejet hose shanks, the thread is called Teejet cap thread.

  • The CP1325 brass cap is the most common Teejet nozzle cap.
  • *** If using ceramic nozzles and caps, you must use the extra long brass cap CP20230 and a 20229NY gasket
  • The TeeJet CP8027-NYB is the same as the CP1325 Cap except it is Nylon.
  • The CP1325-SS Stainless Steel cap. The stainless version of the 1325 is far less commonly used.

All the threads on the CP1325 caps are 11/16 teejet cap thread. This is not a very commonly used thread and mostly only found on Teejet or Spraying Systems parts. You will not find it in your local hardware store, for example.

TeeJet Cap # Material
CP8027-NYB Nylon
CP1325 Brass
CP20230 Brass
CP1325-SS Stainless steel
CP20229-NY (gasket) Nylon

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