Full Pattern Boomless Nozzles

Ideal nozzles for residential applications achieving a spread width of up to 22 feet.

Full pattern Boomless spray nozzles.

Full pattern Boomless spray nozzles.

  • Full Pattern Boomless Spray Nozzle - 3 gpm
    CAD $28.30
  • Full Pattern Boomless Spray Nozzle - 2 gpm
    CAD $28.30


Save time and money with fewer passes and just one nozzle. The Full Pattern Boomless Nozzles can provide up to a 22' spread width if mounted at approximately 36" high. Homeowners can use this boomless nozzle for insect control, watering, orchard, vegetable, lawn, turf, dust control, as well as many other applications.

It is recommended you mount the nozzle approximately 24" to 48" high to ensure a consistent spray pattern.

Each nozzle is made of a brass head and polypropylene body making it ideal for homeowners and residential use. They are available in 2 outputs, 2 gpm and 3 gpm at 40 psi.

If mounted at 36" high, the 2 gpm nozzle (BN2BP125FWX-CS) will have a 16' (approx.) spray width; the 3 gpm nozzle (BN2BP152FWX-CS) will have a spray width of 22' (approx.).

Please review the Performance Chart in the Related Information section for more information regarding these Full Pattern Boomless Nozzles.

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