Lesco Lawn Renovator

Maximize productivity! All your lawn renovation needs in one piece of equipment.

A slicer, seeder, and dethatcher in one tool.

A slicer, seeder, and dethatcher in one tool.

  • Lesco Renovator
    CAD $5,695.00


The Lesco Renovator 20 bundles all of your lawn care needs into one piece of equipment. It is the single pass, most universal and productive machine available. It is essentially a seeder, slicer, and dethatcher all in one! The re-designed model has been improved to decrease downtime, therefore increasing productivity for many professional landscapers and lawn care professionals.

What makes the Lesco Lawn Renovator different from other power seeders and renovators is the hydrostatic transmission and hydrostatic drive wheels . The all newly designed forward and reverse handgrips engage the hydrostatic transmission, which allows the user to adjust the speed of travel without losing power to the blades. Hydraulic driven wheels allow the Lesco Lawn Renovator to have infinite speed control regardless of the engine RPM. This feature allows you to properly prepare compacted soil by moving slowly, thus allowing the slicer and dethatcher to cultivate the soil. Decreasing your speed does not decrease your power.

Other power seeders and dethatchers that are mechanically driven use the engine RPM to control the machine's speed, which is fine when soil conditions are ideal. But if you need the strength and power in a machine to properly prepare your soil, slowing your machine down while maintaining the RPM is ideal.

Hydraulic drive also features reverse. The Lesco Lawn Renovator does it all in a single pass, making it universal and one of the most productive machines available.

  • Dimensions: 59" L x 33" W x 42" H
  • Hopper Capacity: 45 LBS.
  • Powered by a 9HP Subaru EX27 Premium engine with counterbalance that reduces vibration.
  • Control panel has been redesigned to provide simple access to forward and reverse levers, throttle, and seed flow rate.
  • Hydrostatic transmission / transaxle allows you to vary speed from 0-2 mph without adjusting engine speed, requires no hydraulic pumps or motors (this is a really nice feature).
  • Spring activated cable allows seed gate to open and close.
  • Its 10 six-pointed blades easily slide on and off without requiring bolts. This decreases downtime significantly.
  • Star style blade features 6 tips per row. You can change blades in 1 hour or less.
  • 20" seeding width
  • Germination rates increase due to the full width seed-to-soil compactors and spreader settings that have been recalibrated.
  • Not courier shippable ( weighs 340 LBS ) - Please inquire for shipping costs
  • Some assembly required

This landscape and property management tool slices, seeds, and dethatches--all in one pass to maximize productivity.

Lesco is now part of SiteOne

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