Portable Capstan Winch PCW5000

A Portable Gas-Powered Winch with endless uses. It can be used for forestry, farming, rescue, game hunting, boats, and more. Because it's a capstan, you are only limited by your length of rope, no need to worry about running out of cable.
PCW5000 Portable Gas-Powered Capstan Winch.

PCW5000 Portable Gas-Powered Capstan Winch.

  • Portable Capstan Winch
    CAD $1,435.50
  • High Speed Gas Pulling Winch PCW5000-HS
    CAD $1,795.00
  • Capstan Drum 85 mm w/ Rope Guide
    CAD $75.00
  • Capstan Drum 57 MM with Rope Guide PCA-1110
    CAD $60.00


This PCW5000 Portable Capstan Winch will pull 2200 lbs. (1000 kg) on a single line. It can be taken anywhere and is particularly useful for forestry and industrial applications for pulling heavy loads. The Portable Winch can be tethered to any solid object: a tree, post, rock or even the ball hitch of your vehicle.

The Honda GXH50 cc engine, which powers the winch, has been proven to be one of the most reliable engines on the market. It can be used in intense cold or heat. A 4-stroke gas engine will deliver dependable power for as long as you need to use it.

It is very lightweight: just 16 kg or 35 lbs. It can be taken anywhere, you never know when it might come in handy. A polyester sling makes it extremely portable. The Portable Winch includes a 6' anchoring sling. The pulling distance is only limited by the length of your rope.

The Portable Winch is up to 4 times faster than electric winches - up to 40' / min or 12 m / min. The Honda four stroke engine means there is no oil and gas mixing.

The installed, standard Capstan Drum (PCA-1110) is 2 1/4" in diameter and allows the winch to pull up to 40' / min. Upgrading to the optional 3 3/8" diameter Capstan Drum (PCA-1100) will offer a faster line speed retrieval of 60' / min, however maximum pulling force would be decreased to 1545 lbs. Do not use for lifting, only use for pulling.

PCW5000 Specifications

  • Max. Pull Force: 2200 lbs. with installed drum (1545 lbs. with optional drum)
  • Pull Speed: 40' per minute with installed drum (60' per minute with optional drum)
  • Engine: Honda GXH-50 cc 4-stroke
  • Gear Ratio: 110:1
  • Continuous work cycle.
  • Weighs 35 lbs.
  • CE Certified.

We are now offering a faster version of this winch, the PCW5000-HS High Speed Gas-Powered Pulling Winch. It shares most of the features of the PCW5000, only it is used when you require more speed over power. In fact, the PCW5000-HS can pull three times faster than the PCW5000. Recommended for installing fibre optic cables, the PCW5000-HS has a pulling capacity of 770 lbs. and pulls 118' / min using the installed PCA-1100 Capstan Drum. If you use the PCA-1110 Capstan Drum, maximum pulling force will be increased to 1100 lbs. and pulling speed would be lowered to 79' / min.

PCW5000-HS Specifications

  • Max. Pull Force: 770 lbs. with installed drum (1100 lbs. with optional drum)
  • Pull Speed: 118' per minute with installed drum (79' per minute with optional drum)
  • Engine: Honda GXH-50 cc 4-stroke
  • Gear Ratio: 53:1
  • Continuous work cycle.
  • Weighs 35 lbs.
  • CE Certified.

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