Soaker Hose Connectors & Repair

Need to cut your soaker hose to make it fit in your space? These pieces fit both our Pro Quality and Premium Series Soaker Hoses.
195H-10 Swivel Connector.

195H-10 Swivel Connector.

  • Swivel Connector Brass 5/8" ID
    CAD $5.48
  • Connector 5/8" hb x 3/4" mght
    CAD $4.31
  • Garden Hose Thread Brass Cap
    CAD $6.67
  • Hose Clamp for 3/4" To 1 1/2" Hose
    CAD $1.71
  • Hose Mender 5/8" ID
    CAD $5.48
  • Double Faucet Divertor
    CAD $23.10


If you need to cut your soaker hose to fit a tight space or raised beds, these pieces will fit our Pro Quality Soaker Hoses.

Clamps are suggested to hold the fittings in place. Use MC16SS for the thicker Pro Quality Soaker Hose.

Use the Hose Mender (129-10) if you have accidentally cut your hose.

Please note that if you have purchased inferior quality soaker hose from another vendor, these fittings may not work. Be sure the hose you have has a 5/8" inside diameter.

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