Jet Black Pond Dye - Lake and Pond Colorant

The Black Onyx lake and pond colorant will transform your pale, off-colored water into a decorative, mirror-like jet black color. Environmentally safe and non-toxic.
Jet Black Pond Dye packaging.

Jet Black Pond Dye packaging.

  • Jet Black Pond Dye Solupak
    CAD $41.43
    • Buy 2 for CAD $39.36 each and save 5%
    • Buy 6 for CAD $37.49 each and save 10%
  • Jet Black Pond Dye Solupak 24PAK/CS
    CAD $504.16


Black Lake and Pond Dye in water soluble packets. Available in individual solupacks or a pack of 24.

Each packet will effectively treat (1) one foot acre or approximately 325,000 gallons of water. To determine the initial number of solupaks to apply, multiply the surface acres of the body of water by 4. Once the dye has been dispersed, you can add more solupaks if necessary.

Jet Black EZ solupaks is a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water-soluble dye formulated to reduce sunlight penetration and impart a natural black color when applied to ponds, lakes and other water features. The packets are protected by a unique waterproof, foil-lined packet to prevent accidental staining when you are handling the packets.

The black pond and lake dye is in water soluble packaging designed to dissolve quickly.

The Jet Black Dye is non-toxic to turf grass, birds, mammals, reptiles, fish or other species.

Irrigation, swimming and other recreational uses are approved during and following the use of Jet Black pond dye. Even though Blue is the color of choice for pond dyes, many professionals are looking to the Jet Black Pond Dye because of its mirror-like appearance that it imparts.

Click here for Blue Pond and Lake Dye.


  • Available in individual solupacks or pack of 24
  • Coverage: Each solupack treats 1 foot acre (325,000 US Gallons)
  • Black, reflective color
  • Reduces sunlight penetration
  • Waterproof packaging eliminates risk of staining during handling
  • Non-toxic
DO NOT apply the pond dye to ponds or lakes that you do not control. There may be laws regarding applying this dye to public waters.

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