400 US Gallon Electric Powered Unifit De-Icing Applicator

400 US Gallon electric ice-control and brine sprayer. Sprayer ships within 3-4 days.CALL FOR SHIPPING RATE.

Installed de-icing system (shown with optional reel).

Installed de-icing system (shown with optional reel).

  • 400 gal Electric De-Icing Sprayer
    USD $3,582.73
  • Optional Reel with Hose & Gun
    USD $583.37


This sprayer is excellent for liquid dust control / Anti Icing unit fits in the back of a short box or full-size pickup truck. Skid-mounted, compact in size. This liquid de-icing unit is perfect for spraying salt brine and de-icer products on walkways, pathways, driveways, parking lots, roads, etc. All de-icing sprayers can also be used for watering and dust control during the warmer months, therefore making this sprayer useful year round.


  • 400 US gallon heavy-duty polyethylene tank.
  • 2 x Delevan Power flow 12 V pumps (7 gpm @ 60 psi) each.
  • 12 V electric solenoid control valve with wiring harness and connectors for battery hookup.
  • In-cab toggle switch for turning boom on and off included.
  • Center boom covers 6' spray width featuring 1/4 turn quick change nozzle caps, no-drip nozzle bodies and TP0020 straight stream nozzles.
  • Boom mounts into standard 2" trailer hitch (boom is pre-drilled for inserting the pin).
  • Camlock coupling for easy boom removal from the pump.
  • Center spray boom with side nozzles that have manual on/off feed to the side nozzles.
  • Side nozzles expand spray pattern to 20'.
  • Dual pumps are required to operate the side nozzles due to the total volume the nozzles require. This can also act as a back up pump should one breakdown. One pump operates the center boom.

Optional Hose Reel

  • Hannay Manual Rewind Hose Reel.
  • 100' of 1/2" clear braided hose.
  • TeeJet spray gun with 1.5 gpm nozzle.
  • Can be added at a later time if necessary.

Sprayer unit can be used for liquid de-icer including salt brine, watering, dust control, and fire fighting.

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