ATV Spot Sprayers - 15 US Gallon

15 US Gallon ATV Spot Sprayer. Limited stock.
15 US Gal ATV Spot Sprayer

15 US Gal ATV Spot Sprayer

  • ATV Mount Sprayer 15 US Gallon - LIMITED STOCK
    USD $184.55


Rittenhouse produces a simple ATV Sprayer, but with the quality you can depend on.

We use a brass fitting hose barb where the hose attaches to the gun and a bulk head fitting to install the suction hose inside the tank, which helps eliminate the spillage that occurs if the hose is simply pushed through a hole in the tank. We also use a high quality poly hose with a nylon braid that does not get soft and collapse when left in the hot sun. The wiring harness is heavy 10 gauge wire with a protective cover, quick connect and an inline fuse.


  • Polyethylene Tank Capacity: 15 US Gallon (57 litre)
  • Side drain for easy tank flushing
  • 12 volt powered diaphragm pump (1 gpm, 40 psi) with a pressure switch. The pressure switch shuts the pump on/off when the spray gun trigger is opened or closed
  • Trigger gun features a trigger lock to lock the trigger in the ON position
  • Adjustable ConeJet nozzle with cone spray pattern for width and distance
  • 23' x 3/8" nylon braided spray hose
  • Extra long 12' wire harness made of 10 gauge wire, can be installed in any vehicle
  • In tank suction filter

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