Jaw Boss - Hitch Receiver Attachment for Logs

A hitch receiver attachment that keeps logs and lumber secured at an appropriate height to make cutting safer and easier than cutting on the ground. Fits 2" hitch receivers. HITCH PIN NOT INCLUDED.

  • Jaw Boss
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Hold and keep logs secured at an appropriate height to make cutting easier and safer with the Jaw Boss Hitch Receiver Attachment.

Capable of holding logs or lumber from less than 2" to 9" in diameter, the Jaw Boss is designed to slide easily into a 2" receiver hitch of a vehicle. Once properly attached to the hitch receiver, the Jaw Boss provides a steady base for your logs or lumber, allowing you to cut them easier and safer than cutting them on the ground.

By cutting logs and lumber above the ground at an appropriate height, you will significantly reduce the risk of injury caused by cutting near your feet. The Jaw Boss also reduces the chances of dulling your chainsaw chain by accidentally cutting into the ground.


  • Log Capacity: Less than 2" to 9" diameter (5 cm to 23 cm)
  • Weight Limit: 125 lb. (56.7 kg)
  • Fits 2" (5 cm) receiver hitches
  • Material: Solid steel
  • Easy to assemble
  • More compact than a sawhorse
  • Great for contractors since Jaw Boss works well with dimensional lumber


Always evaluate the workload and inspect the Jaw Boss and receiver hitch before use. Read the instructions completely before using. Failure to read the instructions may result in serious injury and / or property damage.

  • Do not use if damaged
  • Do not exceed load limits
  • Never drive your vehicle with the Jaw Boss in the receiver hitch
  • Do not lift or carry the Jaw Boss from a toothed edge (the teeth are extremely sharp)
  • Always make sure the Jaw Boss is secured to the receiver hitch with a hitch pin (not included) while in use
  • Always make sure the log or lumber is securely gripped before cutting (if the log or lumber feels insecure while cutting STOP immediately and re-secure)
  • Never cut within 8" (20.3 cm) of the Jaw Boss
  • Always make sure the ground beneath your work is clear
  • Always transport the Jaw Boss in a safe and secure place in your vehicle
  • Always use the proper safety gear when cutting
  • Do not place any extra weight on any log or dimensional lumber once being held by the Jaw Boss

Check under 'Related Information' or click here for the Jaw Boss Installation Instructions. There is also a useful video under the 'Video' Tab if you require more information.

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