Deep Watering Spikes / Tree Watering Stakes

This system is designed to be moved as the plant grows. Choose the number and the length of watering spike/stake you will need depending on the size and age of your tree.

All three sizes - 14, 24 or 36 inch spike.

All three sizes - 14, 24 or 36 inch spike.

  • Watering Spike 14"
    USD $12.16
    • Buy 6 for USD $11.55 each and save 6%
    • Buy 12 for USD $10.94 each and save 11%
  • Watering Spike 24"
    USD $12.51
    • Buy 6 for USD $11.88 each and save 6%
    • Buy 12 for USD $11.26 each and save 10%
  • Watering Spike 36"
    USD $13.62
    • Buy 6 for USD $12.94 each and save 5%
    • Buy 12 for USD $12.26 each and save 10%


The Deep Root Spikes are designed to take a pounding, literally. Each of the caps are meant to be hit with a sledgehammer, ensuring that you will be able to install your Deep Watering Spikes in some of the toughest soils. Alternatively, you can also place them into the hole when planting a new tree, or use an auger or steel rod to first make a hole and then insert the Deep Watering Stake. Always ensure that the spike is set low enough that it will not get hit with a lawn mower. In extreme cases, take a shovel and remove a shovelful of soil, then add some water to the hole and allow it to seep down. This will make the installation of your Deep Watering Spike easier. Once they are installed to the correct depth, replace the shovelful of soil. However, as the tree or shrub grows and the root system grows further from the trunk, you can simply pull out the spikes and move them further out with the root system. Often, to pull them out all it takes is a good screwdriver through the top hole in the spike and lift with your knees not your back.

We know that watering the root zone of a tree or shrub is very important, but we also know it can be very difficult. This difficulty in providing adequate water is further aggravated by heavily compacted soils and the runoff on slopes. Now there is an easier way, the Deep Watering Spikes from Rittenhouse are placed into the ground around a tree or shrub. You can also choose the depth of watering based on the type of root system you may be dealing with. Spikes are 14", 24" or 36" long. The Deep Watering Spikes are designed to work easily with your drip irrigation system, garden hose or flood irrigation, ensuring that the all important root zone is saturated.

Not only do the Deep Watering Spikes promote efficient watering of the root zone, but they also make feeding easier as well. Place a water-soluble fertilizer in the shaft of the Deep Watering Spike and as water flows through, so do the valuable nutrients from the fertilizer. In addition to easy root zone watering and feeding, the Deep Watering Spikes also provide a third and very important advantage for your most prized specimens: aeration. Oxygen can easily flow down through the Deep Watering Spikes to the root zone and promote healthy growth.

Available in three different lengths 14", 24" 36"

  • 14" length for shrubs, flower pots, and small ornamental trees with shallow roots.
  • 24" length for average trees, potted palm trees, and flowering trees.
  • 36" length for large established trees, and palms.
  • Made from thick PVC and UV-protected ABS plastic.

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