Dramm Water Breakers

Dramm Water Breakers will give you a selection of nozzles that will best suit your needs. All Dramm Water Breakers will fit on your wands and hoses. Made in the USA.
Lemonhead Water Breaker with 750 Holes and a flow rate 8 GPM at 40 PSI.

Lemonhead Water Breaker with 750 Holes and a flow rate 8 GPM at 40 PSI.

  • Lemonhead Breaker
    USD $17.84
  • Redhead Breaker
    USD $17.84
  • Dramm Waterbreaker Aluminum ALC400
    USD $22.28
  • Mini Breaker
    USD $16.42
  • Dramm Seeding Nozzle
    USD $10.50


The Lemonhead Water Breaker (750PLC) by Dramm is a full-flow, soft watering nozzle. It creates a soft shower with an 8 GPM / 40 PSI flow. The nozzle features 750 tiny holes that produce a soft rain shower. This nozzle is perfect for watering young plants, seed trays, seedlings, etc. The Lemonhead is made from stainless steel and a high-impact Cycolac Plastic.

Dramm's Redhead Water Breaker (1000PLC) is made with the high impact Cycolac Plastic. The Redhead Water Breaker has over 1000 micro holes. The Redhead has a flow rate of 11 GPM at 40 PSI. This number of holes produces a super soft rain shower. This extremely soft rain shower is excellent for watering young plants, plugs, seed trays and seedlings. The Redhead Water Breaker mixes oxygen with your water just like a natural soft rain does in your outdoor garden. Hence, the Redhead Water Breaker also works well for watering your containers around your patio, porch or deck.

Dramm's Professional Water Breaker (400ALC) is the original of them all and is still the most popular. The Professional Water Breaker's 400 holes produce a coarser, gentle spray than either the Lemonhead or the Redhead Water Breaker. The Dramm Professional Water Breaker has a flow rate of 11 GPM at 40 PSI. The internal threads are brass instead of aluminum. This provides a better seal and will attach to any standard North American garden wand or hose.

The Dramm Heavy Duty Water Breaker (170ALC) is a narrower water pattern aluminum fast flow water breaker with 170 holes and a flow rate of 7 GPM at 40 PSI that is gentle on plants. Use this water breaker to water the soil around your plants without creating soil splashing on the leaves and stems. Designed for low flow watering applications. These water breakers will restrict to 50% of possible volume. Cast aluminum body has 3/4" brass GTH threads inside the nozzle. Outside diameter measures 1-1/4". Perfect for watering containers and hanging baskets.

The Dramm Seeding Nozzle (510C) is good for watering down seed trays, plug trays and seedlings. The Dramm Seeding Nozzle can also be used for misting if you have good water pressure. The Dramm Seeding Nozzle has a flow rate of 1/2 GPM at 40 PSI.

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