Self-Propelled Mini Topper Top Dresser

This is a self-propelled top dresser. It features a narrow 30" overall width, a Honda engine, and a hopper capacity of 200 lbs.

Self-Propelled Mini Topper Top Dresser.

Self-Propelled Mini Topper Top Dresser.

  • Self Propelled Mini Topdresser
    USD $4,122.97


The Rittenhouse Mini Topper Top Dresser features a distribution drum that operates independently from the drive axle and tires (most drum style top dressers do not have this feature). This allows the operator to fill the top dresser curb side, then take it to the area of the yard or field to be treated without applying product along the way. This independently operated distribution drum eliminates unnecessary waste of material being distributed on already treated areas or unwanted areas. It also eliminates the double handling of top dressing material that is required of other machines.

We realize that not all compost top dressing materials are as dry as you would like them to be. The Rittenhouse Self Propelled Mini Top Dresser features two brushes that come into contact with the rotating distribution drum. The front brush controls the amount of material output, while the rear brush cleans off the drum, assisting with some moisture that can occurs in top dressing materials.


  • GX120 6:1 4HP Honda engine.
  • Mechanical drive, simple to maintain 2 belts, 2 tensioners & 1 chain.
  • Steel construction.
  • Pneumatic wheels.
  • Exclusive front and rear brushes, to easily control the flow rate and even distribution of materials.
  • Extra wide wheel base for superior stability - large caster wheels at the front for easy steering in the tightest of areas
  • Narrow 30" overall width, spreading width of 24" through a self propelled drum.
  • Hopper capacity 200 pounds / 178 litre, or 6.3 cubic feet capacity.
  • Best for use with dry soil.
  • Built in Canada.
  • Made to last for years.

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