Turbo Turf HY-500-HE Hybrid Hydro Seeding System

500 US Gallon Hydro Seeder with Mechanical Agitation.

Shown with Optional Hose Reel.

Shown with Optional Hose Reel.

  • Turbo Turf 500 gal Hybrid Unit
    USD $10,304.85


The 500 US Gallon Hybrid Hydroseeding System by Turbo Turf will cover approximately 6600 square feet per tank load. This unit is equipped with two Honda Engines. A 13HP electric start engine direct driven to the 3" x 3" high volume centrifugal pump and a 8HP electric start engine that drives the mechanical mixing paddles (agitation). With the mechanical agitation you do not need to break up the mulch. The bearings and agitator shaft are supported by a heavy structural steel support frame so the tank is used for nothing but holding the material. Equipped with a platform and tower gun as standard equipment. Hose reel is optional. Materials are 200 lbs. of 100% wood mulch or 240 lbs. of paper mulch, then seed and fertilizer based on the label rate to cover an area of 6600 square feet.

  • 500 US gallon heavy duty polyethylene tank with mechanical and jet agitation.
  • 13HP Honda electric start engine directly driven to a 3" x 3" high volume 333 gpm, 72 psi centrifugal pump.
  • 8HP Honda electric start engine to drive the mechanical agitation paddles.
  • 100' of 1 1/2" ID hose with couplings that are free flow.
  • Hose hooks on the side of tank for hose storage.
  • Three Nozzles: 1 wide fan, 1 straight stream, and 1 trim nozzle.
  • Platform and tower gun can spray up to 100'.
  • Physical Dimensions: 126" L x 58" W x 83" H (skid only 126" L x 45" W)
  • Empty Weight: 1900 lbs.
  • Full Weight 5400 lbs.

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