Portable Winch PCW3000

The PCW3000 Portable Capstan Winch is the very light weight winch - only 20 lbs yet can pull up to 1550 lbs. Brand new model for 2014.
PCW3000 Portable Gas-Powered Capstan Winch.

PCW3000 Portable Gas-Powered Capstan Winch.

  • Portable Winch PCW3000
    USD $1,271.12
  • Portable Winch with Transport Case
    USD $1,350.61
  • Portable Capstan Winch - Basic Assortment
    USD $1,411.44
  • Capstan Drum 76 MM with Rope Guide and Screw
    USD $62.35


The Portable Winch PCW3000 series is the newest in the Portable Winch lineup.

This lightweight ( only 9.5 kg or 20 lb) but very powerful (pulling weight of 700 kg or 1550 lb) Portable Capstan Winch is powered by a Honda GX-35 cc, 4 stroke all position engine.

Great reliability with the added benefit of transportability. This Winch is geared for transport over long distances. It can be packed in a lightweight backpack carrier, or strapped onto a vehicle in the custom case, made of high resistance plastic for the PCW3000-CK winch package.

The Portable Capstan Winch is very easy to use. Since this is a Capstan Winch, there is no limit on the length of rope used. It offers a constant pulling power for what you want , where you want. After wrapping the rope 3 - 4 turns on the capstan drum, the rope is tied to the load. The drum automatically turns with the engine running. You simply have to pull on the rope to apply friction on the drum to pull the load.

Uses: Hunting, forestry, rescue operations, boating, snowmobiling, quad riders, and much more.

If you require more accessories for your Gas-Powered Portable Winch, there are various selections of kits you can choose from to accommodate all of your pulling needs. Please refer to 'Related Products' for the Assortment Kits.


  • Max. Pull Force: 1550 lb
  • Pull Speed: 33' per minute with installed drum
  • Engine: Honda GX-35cc 4-stroke
  • Gear Ratio: 200:1
  • Continuous work cycle.
  • CE certified.
  • Weighs 20 lb.

PCW3000-CK Includes

  • PCW3000 Portable Winch
  • PCA-0102 Transport case

PCW3000-BK Basic Assortment Kit Includes

  • PCW3000 Portable Winch
  • PCA-0102 Transport case
  • PCA-1260 Polyester sling
  • PCA-1275 Stainless steel swing side snatch block
  • PCA-1276 Steel oval locking carabiner

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