Slings and Chokers for the Portable Winch

Three sizes of Polyester slings, a High Performance Rope Choker and a Choker Chain with c-hook are all available for the Portable Winch.

Polyester sling PCA-1258, PCA-1260, PCA-1259.

Polyester sling PCA-1258, PCA-1260, PCA-1259.

  • Polyester Sling 2" W 10' L
    USD $27.48
  • Polyester Sling 2" W 8' L
    USD $26.34
  • Polyester Sling 2" W 6' L
    USD $21.14
  • Choker Chain 1/4"X7' w/ C-Hook and Steel Rod
    USD $32.48
  • Hppe Rope Choker w/ Steel Rod
    USD $68.70


Polyester slings come in three lengths: 6' / 2m (PCA-1260), 8' / 2.5m (PCA-1259) or 10' / 3m (PCA-1258). They can be directly attached to the winch or snatch block to a tree, without damaging the bark. These slings will not stretch out of shape. It is very useful for lifting or using as a choker. The safe working load is is 4409 lbs. (2000 kg) straight, 3527 lbs. (1600 kg) as a choker, and 8818 lbs. (4000 kg) in a U-shape.

HPPE rope choker PCA-1372 is a choker rope 3/8" by 6' 9" (9.5mm x 2.1m) with a steel rod attached. High Performance Polyethylene HPPE is among the world's strongest fibers. This will replace a traditional choker chain. Made of 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter rope, the minimum breaking strength is 69 kN (15,512 lbs / 7036 kg). Durable, yet lightweight. It has three links of 1/4" (6mm) chain and a 12" (30 cm) metal rod at one end that make it easy to install and provide an anchor point for a grab hook. A spliced eye at the other end is used to 'choke' the log.

Choker chain 1/4" x 7' with C-hook and steel rod PCA-1295. It is constructed of 1/4" (6mm) grade 70 steel. The choker chain is equipped with a special c-hook for quick and secure installation and easy removal. The 12" (30 cm) long 'needle' allows you to slide it easily under logs or through the skidding cone.

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