Winch Anchor Mounts for the Portable Capstan Winch

A wide assortment of Portable Winch Anchor Supports. Choose between the vertical pull winch, hitch plate winch anchor, or receiver hitch winch anchor. Check your local regulations if you need a spark arrestor.

Hitch plate winch anchor PCA-1261.

Hitch plate winch anchor PCA-1261.

  • Hitch Plate Winch Anchor
    USD $27.84
  • Tree/Pole Mount w/ Anchor Strap
    USD $301.44
  • Vertical Pull Winch Support
    USD $492.13
  • 50 mm (2") Square Tubing
    USD $27.84
  • Winch Support Plate
    USD $134.69
  • Tree Mount Winch Anchor with Strap
    USD $143.99
  • Portable Winch Ball Hitch Pulling Plate - Fits Towing Balls Up To 2"
    USD $52.84
  • Portable Winch Pivoting Anchor for PCA-1264
    USD $79.26
  • Portable Winch Square Tubing 2" x 18" Bent Pin
    USD $37.12
  • Floor Mount Winch Anchor
    USD $237.78
  • Portable Winch Pylon Mount Winch Anchor
    USD $459.31
  • Spark Arrestor for Honda Engine GHX50
    USD $23.20


The Hitch Winch Anchor PCA-1261 helps to turn your pick-up truck or ATV into a pulling machine. Hook the winch to the hitch plate using the safety hooks and slide the key-hole shape over your ball hitch. Fits up to 2 5/16" diameter towing balls.

The Tree/Pole Mount with rubber pads PCA-1263 allows your Portable Winch to be anchored to a tree or post. It can be installed at a comfortable height and the pivoting support aligns the winch automatically with the load. To use it properly, use the PCA-1268 Winch Support Plate. For vertical pulling of cables, this tree / pole mount can be used together with the PCA-1264 Winch Support Plate. Tree/pole minimal diameter: 12 inches (30 cm); Tree /pole maximum diameter: 36 inches (91 cm). Dimensions: 12.6" L x 10.63" W. Weighs 18 lb. Strap Length: 118 1/8" (3 m).

The Vertical Pull Winch Support PCA-1264 is a system that was designed for vertical pulling. It is designed so that the rope goes through the pulley and then right up. The 2 inch (50 mm) square tubing fits on the tree/pole mount (PCA-1263). It offers a solid support and is ideal for pulling electrical cables through conduits. It is used in conjunction with the Tree/Pole Mount (sold separately).

This 2" Square Tubing with Bent Pin PCA-1267 is a perfect fit on Category III hitch receivers. It is intended to attach the PCA-1268 Winch Support Plate or PCA-1264 Vertical Pull Winch Support to a vehicle. Weighs 4.85 lb with a 5/8" diameter.

The Winch Support Plate with Bent Pin PCA-1268 is used when you want to attach a Portable Winch to a vehicle or to the PCA-1263 Tree/Pole Mount. It pivots 45 degrees on either side, permitting stability in the winch, while self-aligning with the load. Weighs 8.8 lb with a 5/8" diameter.

The Tree Mount Winch Anchor with Strap PCA-1269 is to be used when you want to anchor the Portable Winch to a tree or a post. This makes the installation of the winch at a comfortable height. Its pivoting support aligns the Portable Winch with the load automatically. Allows for an easier time while working from the same point for long periods of time. For tree and pole diameters measuring 12" to 36". Weighs 8.6 lb.

The Pulling Plate for Vehicles PCA-1310 fits towing balls up to 2" in diameter and provides the best anchor point for any type of vehicle. It is a great hitch anchor for rope or chain and makes it simple to attach a rope or a chain choker. Slide the Pulling Plate over the ball hitch, then fasten the load to it. Attach your rope to the 2" post or insert a chain link into the slotted plate to pull the load. There is another hook for any other kind of rings you find. If you pull from the axle level it will provide the safest pulling point on the vehicle. Also can be used to pull from a 4x4 if required. Great accessory for the PCA-1290 Skidding Cone, PCA-1295 Choker Chain, or any length of 0.4" or 0.5" diameter rope. Knob has a 1-5/8" diameter.

The Pivoting Anchor PCA-1332 can be used with the PCA-1264 Vertical Pull Support to convert it for vertical pulling purposes. Sometimes the PCA-1264 can be used for pulling applications instead of lifting. When this is the case, you need the PCA-1332 Pivoting Anchor to provide a link between the PCA-1264 and either the PCA-1263, PCA-1265, PCA-1267, PCA-1501, or PCA-1806.

The Square Tube with Bent Hitch Pin PCA-1501 is a 2" wide square tubing that fits Category III hitch receivers. Its purpose is to provide a solid winch anchor on a vehicle that uses a receiver hitch when used with either the PCA-1264 Vertical Pull Winch Support or PCA-1268 Winch Support Plate. Made with zinc-plated steel. Measures 18" long x 2" wide with 5/8" bent hitch pin diameter. Designed especially for North American vehicles.

The Floor Mount Winch Anchor PCA-1805 is used when you need to anchor down the PCW5000, PCW5000-HS, PCH1000, or PCT1800 Portable Winch to a concrete floor, mainly for when you need to pull wires inside a building. Can be used outdoors if no other anchor point is available. It is recommended to anchor it by installing four 1/2" concrete anchor bolts in the floor. Anchor the winch with its hooks. A winch support side plate keeps the winch levelled. Dimensions: 20" L x 10" W. Weighs 20.3 lb.

The Pylon Mount Winch Anchor PCA-1806 can be used to anchor a range of Portable Winch models directly to a pylon's angle iron. The most standard use is for lifting with the PCA-1264 Vertical Pull Support. One person can easily anchor it with the aid of built-in magnets. The PCA-1806 features 4 reversible aluminum hooks that provide a strong grip on most angle irons measuring 4" to 11 13/16" wide, single or double thickness, and tighten with molded hand knobs (no tools are required). The PCA-1806 can also be used with the PCA-1268 Winch Support Plate for pulling purposes. Made with powder coated steel material. Measures 12.6" long x 11" wide. Weighs 17 lbs.

The Spark Arrestor PCA-1151 for a Honda engine GXH-50 will prevent carbon deposit from being ejected from the engine and igniting a fire. Please check local regulations as spark arrestors are mandatory on some public lands.

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