Rittenhouse Facilities

Rittenhouse's main facility is where all the action happens. Rittenhouse has a staff behind the scenes that is running the website, equipment production, and shipping warehouse. Each staff member plays a integral part to keep production in order, from manufacturing and designing new equipment to receiving and shipping, as well as taking your order on the phone or online, we all work as a team to make sure you receive your product in a timely manner with great customer service.

Included below are some photos of our current facilities in St. Catharines, Ontario to give you an idea of who we are: You will be able to see the manufacturing, warehousing, and exterior shots of Rittenhouse.

We also have many of our most popular products warehoused in several US-based warehouses for faster shipping to our customers.

Our offices, which consolidates our sales and administration staff
Our offices, which consolidates our sales and administration staff

View of the on-site warehouse.

Another view of the warehouse.

A forklift carrying materials to our fabrication facility.
Receiving material for fabrication.

A worker welding a sprayer tank in our fabrication facility.
Fabricating tanks for the season.

A machine recycles cardboard boxes into packaging material.
At Rittenhouse we have a Recycling Program where we re-use shredded cardboard for packing material, hoping to lessen the carbon footprint on the planet.

Some of our main floor offices

Some of our top floor offices