Gravel Leveler / Easy Spreader

Level and smooth any landscaping or construction material such as gravel, loam, soil, stone dust and sand.

Green easy spreader gravel leveller (easyspreader).

Green easy spreader gravel leveller (easyspreader).

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Construction companies and landscapers will appreciate this product. The time it takes to level gravel and stone just got shorter. This tool is really best when seen in action. It is the perfect tool for preparing surfaces before paving stone/UniLock brick, driveways, sidewalk paths, and for levelling stone in driveways and concrete pads.

Levelling surfaces with a rake is frustrating, time consuming and you will never get the area as smooth as you will with this tool. This gravel leveller, which is made in the USA, will not only speed up a tiresome task but will result in smoother surfaces.

Just put the Leveller on top of a pile of gravel, move the Leveller back and forth and in a very short time you are finished. The trick is the weight of the tool (8.1 lbs) does half the work. When you are finished, you can detach the handle for easy storage.

Aluminum Sand Spreader Version

The lightweight younger brother to the Easy Spreader can be used to smooth out any number of lighter duty materials. It is especially good for golf sand traps or any other sand based application. It is 3.5 pounds lighter than the easy spreader and a bit smaller for easy use all day. Excellent for smoothing out Top Dressing on turf. Does not damage the grass.

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