Hypro Poly Pump 9910-DP423 for Harsh Chemicals

Three piston semi-hydraulic diaphragm pump providing 11.5 GPM at 650 RPM.
Hypro 9910-DP423 Poly Pump is perfect for use with harsh chemicals.

Hypro 9910-DP423 Poly Pump is perfect for use with harsh chemicals.

  • Hypro Polypro Diaphragm Pump w/ Gb and Reg
    USD $1,018.08


Hypro 9910-DP423 Three Diaphragm Poly Pump with gear reduction to couple to a 5 to 20 HP Gasoline Engine with 3/4" shaft.

Specially designed to handle harsh chemicals, such as fertilizer or chlorine. Built with poly heads and manifold, anodized aluminum crankcase chemically resistant steel diaphragm valves for long life and better corrosion resistance. The diaphragms are specifically constructed from chemical resistant elastomers to ensure superior chemical resistance against today's most aggressive products, such as high PH chemicals.

Roof cleaning and roof protecting is common practice to ensure a longer roof, shingle, wooden shakes and tile life. The problem homeowners and professionals have is they want to stay on the ground and need a pump that can handle the fluids they need to use. This Hypro Polypropylene Diaphragm Pump offers the chemical resistance and enough power to spray your roof tops while remaining on the ground. Another excellent use with this pump is for agricultural applications.

Low pressure ideal for washing vinyl siding with a wand or brush.

9910-DP423GRGI (GR means it includes gear reduction and GI means it includes relief valve).

  • Max. Flow: 11.5 GPM
  • Max. Pressure: 290 PSI
  • Max. Rated Speed: 650 RPM
  • Max. Fluid Temperature: 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Port Sizes: 1-1/4" inlet, 1" outlet
  • 3 piston, 3 diaphragm design eliminates the need for a pulsation dampener and increases the life of your pumping system
  • Semi-hydraulic diaphragm pump
  • Includes GS25 Control Unit for better control of output and pressure on the DP423
  • Also includes Gearbox for coupling to gas engines with a 3/4" shaft (Honda GX 160 recommended)
  • Head, manifold, and control components are made with glass-filled polypropylene to ensure maximum chemical resistance
  • Anodized aluminum crankcase body for protection against corrosion
  • Oil sight glass

For use with harsh chemicals in low concentrations, not pure.

For more specifications on this diaphragm pump, check the Related Information section.

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