Rittenhouse Air Blast Sprayer - 155 US Gallons

This 155 US Gallon Rittenhouse Trailed Air Blast Sprayer is commonly used in orchards, vineyards, and nurseries for air blast spraying applications. FLAT RATE $449.00 SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL USA.
155 US Gallon Air Blast Sprayer.

155 US Gallon Air Blast Sprayer.

  • Rittenhouse 155 gal Air Blast Sprayer
    USD $7,577.85
  • Spray Tower Option
    USD $850.58
  • Optional 80° PTO Shaft
    USD $690.77


Rittenhouse first developed Air Blast Sprayers in 1945. Our sprayers are designed for simplicity and ease of maintenance for the operator.

The components used can be commonly found and are most widely used and proven in North America.

We ship our sprayers from coast to coast in both the United States and Canada. For this reason, we use Comet Pumps, TeeJet Nozzles, Arag-Hypro Valves and Tank Lids. We stock and ship parts from our factory or you can source them from your local dealer.

Rittenhouse Trailed Air Blast Sprayers All Feature

  • Green polyethylene tank with hydraulic jet agitation
  • Built-in clean water hand wash safety tank
  • External tank level sight gauge
  • Hinged tank lids with strainer baskets
  • In tank chemical mixer
  • Comet diaphragm pump
  • Left and right electric shutoff valves with cab mounted control switches
  • Two speed gear box with neutral to power the 10 blade high performance fan
  • Large, easy-to-access suction strainer
  • Two self-cleaning pressure line strainers
  • Stainless steel boom pipes
  • TeeJet brass flipover nozzle bodies
  • TeeJet TXR ConeJet Nozzles (TXR80028VK and TXR80036VK): one set for dilute spraying, the other for concentrate spraying
  • Frame, blower, and other steel components are hot dip galvanized
  • Height and width adjustable wheels
  • Wheeled jack
  • Standard PTO shaft

Rittenhouse Air Blast Sprayer - 155 US Gallon Specifications

  • Tank Capacity: 155 US Gallons
  • Equipped with a Comet APS96 Diaphragm Pump: 24 GPM, 725 PSI
  • Horsepower Requirements: 45 HP
  • 27.5" fan generates 540 rounds / min - 41.500 m3 of air per hour (24,426 cfm)
  • 10 double-sided flipover nozzles
  • Overall Dimensions: 100" L x 43" W x 47" HT
  • Overall Dimensions w/ Tower: 100" L x 43" W x 72" HT

Available Options

  • Tower Shroud: Directs the airflow and nozzles horizontally. This helps to better penetrate the canopy of grapes, nursery crops, and orchard crops while reducing drift.
  • 80 Degree PTO Shaft: Allows the sprayer to turn at a much smaller radius. This is convenient where head land and row spacing is tight.

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