Weed Spray Boom Kit

Horizontal Weed Spray Boom Kits are available in 4, 6 or 8 nozzle assemblies.
Weed Spray Kit 4.

Weed Spray Kit 4.

  • 4 Nozzle Weed Spray Boom Kit
    USD $156.56
  • 6 Nozzle Weed Spray Boom Kit
    USD $213.05
  • 8 Nozzle Weed Spray Boom Kit
    USD $257.75


This Weed Spray Boom Kit comes complete and requires only a knife and screwdriver to assemble. You supply the 1/2" steel or aluminum pipe: to reduce shipping costs we do not supply the pipe.

The Weed Spray Boom Kit includes TP8004VS nozzles that are suitable for applying most weed killers such as Killex, 3 way herbicides, Roundup and Horticultural Vinegars. Different size nozzles can be substituted instead, example the TP8008VS, which is used for most Fungicides and Insectides. Nozzles are designed to be mounted 20" apart and 20" up from the spray target. The Shut off valve and hose can be mounted on your fender 10' from the sprayer boom

Kit Includes

  • Complete no drip nozzle assembly (assembly components listed below).
  • Shut off valve and mounting assembly (assembly components listed below).
  • Hose and hose clamps (clear braided hose and gear clamps).
  • 6 nylon ties.
  • 3/4" GHT sprayer outlet tap connector 195H-8.
  • TeeJet Calibration Catalog.

Complete No-Drip Nozzle Assembly Includes

  • Nozzle tip TP8004VS (unless alternative size requested).
  • Quick TeeJet cap with gasket 25612.
  • Nozzle strainer 4514-32 (equivalent to 16 mesh).
  • Nozzle body with check valve QJ22252-312-500 (double) QJ22251-311-500 (single).
  • Nozzle body boom clamp QJ111 1/2".

Mounting Assembly Includes

  • Shut-off valve 400WOG.5.
  • 1/2" poly hose barb IMB0404.
  • 1/2" poly elbow EL1212.
  • 1/2" poly street elbow SE12PP.

Minimum Pump Requirements

Minimum pump requirements for each kit for a typical boom configuration.
Kit Configuration Pump Requirements
4-nozzle boom 60" boom width providing a spray width of 80" producing 1.6 gpm @ 40 psi 2.2 gpm @ 40 psi
6-nozzle boom 100" boom width providing a spray width of 120" producing 2.4 gpm @ 40 psi 3.2 gpm @ 40 psi
8-nozzle boom 140" boom width providing a spray width of 160" producing 3.2 gpm @ 40 psi 4.3 gpm @ 40 psi

This is a Weed Spray Boom Kit, for a High Pressure Spray Boom Kit see Related Products.

Add a VisaGage onto your boom sprayer for quick and easy flow monitoring, see CDS John Blue VisaGage.

To see how to set up a boom, view the video on the Video tab.

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