Mosquito Eliminator

Mosquito Eliminator uses black lighting and a special sticky surface.

Features of the Mosquito Eliminator.

Features of the Mosquito Eliminator.

  • Mosquito Eliminator Kit
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  • Paraclipse Mosquito Eliminator
    USD $239.34
  • Mosquito Eliminator Cartridges (Set of 4)
    USD $57.14
  • Mosquito Eliminator Replacement UV Lamp
    USD $45.28


The Mosquito Eliminator can be wall mounted or left free standing. Most people are unaware that it is a mosquito/flying insect trap, since it blends in with any decor.

The Mosquito Eliminator uses the same methods as their other insect traps "The Terminator Portable Fly Trap" and the "Fly Patrol". These are the industry standard in both commercial and residential flying insect control machines.

The Mosquito Eliminator uses ultraviolet black light technology as the attractant and an 30 day automatic advance, sticky surface cartridge to hold down the mosquitoes/flying insects.

The cartridge provides a fresh sticky surface and releases an attractant continuously.

The Mosquito Eliminator line of sight coverage is approximately 1000+ square feet.

This insect trap is an environmentally friendly trapping system. There is no zapping or other annoying noises. There are no scattered insect parts to clean up from electrocution and no hazards from chemical pesticides.

Designed for use in outdoor restaurants, public garden areas, golf course patios, food preparation areas, outdoor eating areas, horse barns and much more.

Unit comes equipped with:

  • One 30 watt black light
  • One 30 day auto advance cartridge
  • 4' electrical cord
  • 21" height - 7.75" width x 7.0" length
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Black Light loses 53% of its ability to lure insects and becomes ineffective for catching insects after 7 months of continuous use and must be replaced, even though they appear functional.

No zap, harmful chemicals or pesticides and it only requires the sticky cartridge to be changed every 30 days and the UV lamp to be changed every 7 months.

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